Stand or Fall (2023)

Overall: Stand or Fall is a Chinese Drama (2023). Stand or Fall cast: Qin Lan, Wang Yang, Liu Yun. Stand or Fall Release Date: 18 June 2023. Stand or Fall Episodes: 32.

Stand or Fall Detail

Drama: Stand or Fall (2023)
Network: Tencent Video
Main Stars: Qin Lan, Wang Yang, Liu Yun
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 18 June 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 18 June 2023-2 July 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 32
Also Known As: Ta Zhi Shi Bu Xiang Shu, Ben San Na Nian, Shan Yao De Ta, 閃耀的她, 奔三那年, 她只是不想输, 闪耀的她, Stand or Fall 2023

Stand or Fall Synopsis and Plot Summary

Guan Wen is known as a strong rival for outlandish clients and rose through the positions in an unfamiliar organization.

Guan Wen was outlined by her inferiors and picked the bare abdication.

It is said that when you are more than thirty and have collected a ton of involvement you can pick any vocation you need.

Guan Wen struggled with getting a new line of work subsequent to bombing many meetings she needed to pick a task inside a shopping center that recently opened.

It appears to be that her status changed from Party B to Party A yet as a matter of fact, this disregarded shopping center is experiencing difficulty drawing in business with a wide range of issues.

Guan Wen ran into her ex from school Ding Ning who was cold and heartless in his vocation. He is extremely reproachful of her.

The connection between them changes from question to uncertainty and from getting better to separating.

There are numerous grown-up estimations and contemplations included. Guan Wen is in a difficulty.

She doesn’t believe Ding Ning should think twice about penance his vocation for herself thus after insightful thought she chooses to go with her own choices.

The two lady friends of Guan Wen Chen Xuan, a resigned competitor, and Jing Zhi Qiu, a has been entertainer, likewise stand up to their setbacks throughout everyday life.

So how would they battle against these difficulties throughout everyday life? In the event that life resembles a fight they are their own best weapons.

So consider the possibility that they are past their thirties. Why does it make a difference in the event that you bomb like clockwork? Go to battle against that! Nobody needs to lose. In addition to the fact that they need to win they need to resoundingly win.

Stand or Fall Cast

Qin Lan as Guan Wen

Wang Yang as Ding Ning

Liu Yun as Chen Xuan Xuan

Shawn Wei as Lin Hao

Vincent Cao as Ding Ning | Young

Tong Chen Jie as Mary

Jiang Kai as Guest Role

Li Dong Heng as Xiao Yan Chen

Liu Meng Meng as Lydia

Ji Chen as Peter

Zhang Duo as Wang Li Ren

Wang Mu Xuan as Wang Yun Yun

Long Zheng Xuan as Cathy

Flora Wu as Cen Man

Wang Yi Zhe as Da Luo

Lei Mu as Lei Ke Sen

Lawrence Wong as He Yi Fei

Alina Zhang as Jing Zhi Qiu

Tan Kai as Matt

Ai Xiao Qi as Ada

Dong Ke Fei as Guan Teng Fei

Lin Peng as Lin Yue

Cheng Yong as Zhu Dong

Zhu Yin as Wang Mei Li

Jie Bing as Guan Wen’s father

Sun Yan as Dilson Chen

Wang Zheng Jia as President Pang

Tian Ling as Jing Zhi Qiu’s manager

Hank Qi as Zheng Dong’s assistant

Yan Feng as Mr. Huang

Jin Hui as Consultant Zhang Li

Liu Ya Peng as Mr. Luo | CHTC Merchants

Wei Wei as Headhunter Kevin

Dean Liu as Qi Ren Jun

Zhou Yan Yan as Tina

Li Hong Lei as Ma Chao

Wang Hui as TL Retail Director

Chang Cheng as Ban Shua Tou

Lu Zheng as Old Zhu

CiCi Wang as Xiao Zhe

Aliya as Lisa

Zhang Rui Jia as Wang Li Ren’s mother

Rong Rong as Mrs. Lin

Zhu Wei Wei as Chen Xuan Xuan’s mother

Ren Luo Min as Professor Chen

Vila Fan as Mrs. Pang

He Yong Sheng as General manager of TL China

Chen Sai Sai as Curly haired girl

Yvonne Wang as Glasses Girl

Wu Ming Jing as Guan Wen | Teen

Zhang Xi Wei as Guan Wen | Young

Wang Zheng as CH Brand BD

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