Stand by Me Episode 6

Stand by Me is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). Stand by Me Episode 6 cast: Zhao Jin Mai, Bai Yu Fan, Kido Ma. Stand by Me Release Date: 17 September 2023. Stand by Me Total Episodes: 30.

Stand by Me Episode 6 Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the 90s, Luo Qi Qi had an extremely unique academic career.

After having escaped her difficult elementary years and then an extremely chaotic period in middle school. As an incoming high school senior she is confronted with the inevitable challenges which come with the transition into adulthood.

A never-great student The pressure of completing college entrance exams and gaining admission to a top university can be a struggle at times. For Qi Qi, her stubborn nature is the reason she doesn’t admit defeat, at the very least, not in the majority of cases.

However, this can’t be said in regards to love.

After being intermittently friends and a friend of Xu Xiao Bo for years, Qi Qi has recently begun to notice that it’s becoming more difficult to grasp their relationship.

Sometimes, it appears that his feelings for her become more than just friendship, but sometimes, it appears as if they’re just old acquaintances.

In search of meaning in all the events in their lives, Qi Qi embarks on a journey of development as well as love and friendship.

What lessons will she take as a child lead her to better things in the future?

Stand by Me Episode 6 Detail

Episode Name: Episode 6
Network: Mango TV
Main Stars: Zhao Jin Mai, Bai Yu Fan, Kido Ma
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 17 September 2023
Season: 1
Total Episodes: 30
Episode Number: 6
Also Known As: Stand by Me Episode 6 Season 1, 那些回不去的年少时光, Stand by Me Epi 6, Stand by Me Episode 6 Preview

Stand by Me Episode 6 Cast

Zhao Jin Mai as Luo Qi Qi

Bai Yu Fan as Xu Xiao Bo

Kido Ma as Main Role

Guo Yi Lin as Main Role

Zhao Zhao Yi as Guan He

Yu Cheng En as Chen Jin

Wu Jia Kai as Unknown

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