Soul Snatcher (2020)

Overall: Soul Snatcher is a Chinese Fantasy, Movie (2020). Soul Snatcher cast: Li Xian, Chen Li Nong, Ran Ping. Soul Snatcher Release Date: 4 December 2020. Soul Snatcher.

Soul Snatcher Detail

Movie: Soul Snatcher (2020)
Director: Song Hao Lin, Yi Li Qi
Writer: Ran Ping, Ran Jia Nan, Yang Wei Wei
Main Stars: Li Xian, Chen Li Nong, Ran Ping
Genres: Fantasy, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 4 December 2020
Season: 1
Aired: 4 December 2020
Also Known As: 春江花月夜, Chūnjiāng huā yuèyè, Spring River Flower Moonlight Night, Chi Hu Shu Sheng, Red Fox Scholar, The Red Fox, and the Scholar, 赤狐书生, Soul Snatcher 2020

Soul Snatcher Synopsis and Plot Summary

To attain immortality, fox spirit Bai Shisan disguises as a younger man and travels to the human world searching for a divine tablet. There he befriends the innocent pupil Wang Zijin whom he later realizes is the important thing to his transcendence. To maintain Wang secure, Bai have to bond with him on his street to the imperial exam and fends off threats from mythic creatures and evil spirits.

Soul Snatcher Cast

Chen Li Nong as Wang Zi Jin
Li Xian as Bai Shi San
Hankiz Omar as Ying Lian Lotus spirit
Pei Kui Shan as Fox Demon Mentor
David Wang as Liu Dao Ran Ghost of examination room
Morni Chang as Elder Xuan Hu
Li Xiao Chuan as Yin Yang Taoist
Steven Hao as Owner of the donkey shop
Guo Tang Wei as Wang Zi Jin Young
Jiang Chao as Frog Spirit Shopkeeper Zhu
Jing Long as Support Role
Jing Di Er as Support Role
Yang Zi as Pocket Master Ying Wuxie
Tien Niu as Roast chicken stall owner

Soul Snatcher Trailer

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