Son of Hero (2023)

Overall: Son of Hero is a Chinese Drama (2023). Son of Hero cast: Gavin Gao, Li Man, Ashton Chen. Son of Hero Release Date: 25 August 2023. Son of Hero Episodes: 48.

Son of Hero Detail

Drama: Son of Hero (2023)
Director: Xie Ze
Writer: Wu Nan ,Lin Li Sheng
Main Stars: Gavin Gao, Li Man, Ashton Chen
Genres: Drama, War
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 25 August 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 25 August 2023-15 September 2023
Aired On: Friday
Episodes: 48
Also Known As: Shocking Yue Lei, Jing Tian Yue Lei, Jingtian Yue Le, 驚天嶽雷,惊天岳雷,Son of Hero 2023

Son of Hero Synopsis and Plot Summary

Yue Fei’s subsequent child, Yue Lei, was normally defiant and pessimistic. After the demise of his dad and sibling, Yue Lei set foot out and about of vengeance alone. However, he neglected to kill Qin Hui and was utilized all things being equal and was nearly passing a few times.

With the assistance of Wu Chi Prince and Zhongliang Yishi, Yue Lei endeavored to discover proof of Qin Hui’s treachery. He meandered through the royal city and encountered the difficulties of the individuals,

He become a changed individual. Nonetheless, in the Southern Song Dynasty, the upper-level authorities battled emphatically, the ensnarement between the ruler and the clergymen was confounded. Eventually, Yue Lei turned into the defender of the nation after his dad.

Son of Hero Cast

Gao Yun Xiang as Yue Lei

Li Man as Xia Yun Fei

Ashton Chen as Niu Tong

Peer Zhu as A’Cong

Liu Yu Xin as Qin Hao

Zhang Zi Jian as Qin Gui

Ye Xiang Ming as Zhang Shi Huo

Deng Lin as Jin Pu Ci

Waise Lee as Jin Wu Shu

Jiang Ming Yang as Jin Bo Die “Golden State Prince”

Jing Gang Shan as Han Shi Zhong

Kuang Can as Shu Sheng

Wang Lin as Yue Lei’s Mother

Yu Rong Guang as Yue Lei’s father

David Sun as Fan Da Cheng

Yao Qing Ren as Xie Dian Da

Yang Tong Shu as Liang Hong Yu

Yu Yong Hai as Jiu Huang Zi

Zhang Kai Chun as Yue Feng

Hou Ya Chen as Xiao Mei

Li Jia Nuo as Unknown

Wang Zi Jun as Unknown

Wang Wei as Wang Gui | Yue Lei’s friend

Li Lu Jin as Princess Jin

Son of Hero Trailer

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