Sisterhood (2023)

Overall: Sisterhood is a Korean Romance, Drama (2023). Sisterhood cast: Ju Jing Yi, Guo Jun Chen, Liu Dong Qin. Sisterhood Release Date: 2023. Sisterhood Episodes: 40.

Sisterhood Detail

Drama: Sisterhood (2023)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Guo Shi Min
Genres: Romance, Drama
Main Stars: Ju Jing Yi, Guo Jun Chen, Liu Dong Qin
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Love at Nan Yang, Nan Yang Nv Er Qing, 南洋女儿情, Sisterhood 2023

Sisterhood Synopsis and Plot Summary

A Le stepped up and surrender his affections for Tian Qing and went to act as a warrior during the Japanese intrusion. The Japanese powers constrained Tian Qing and her organization to construct the sanctum. Upon the arrival of consummation, Lager, who joined the renegades, drove individuals to protect Tian Qing and torched the sanctuary. Cai Yun, who experienced different changes, likewise sat tight for the arrival of Yao Zu.

Sisterhood Cast

Xiao Yan as Ou Yang Tian Qing

Dai Xiang Yu as Kuang Hai Sheng

Darren Chiu as Main Role

Tay Ping Hui as Main Role

Xiang Yun as Support Role

Zhang Xi Wen as Kuang Cai Yun

Lily Zhao as Support Role

Fang Cheng Cheng as Support Role

Lu Jia Ni as Support Role

Joyin Cai as Support Role

Yu Le Yi as Support Role

Yue Li Na as Nan Lan

Xu Fan Xi as Jin Bi Yun

Yan Ke Xin as Xiao Cui

Caesar Wu as Yu Shi Xiang

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