Simple Days (2024)

Simple Days is a Chinese Drama (2024). Simple Days cast: Yin Tao, Lawrence Wang, Zhang Ruo Nan. Simple Days Release Date: 14 March 2024. Simple Days Episodes: 26.

Simple Days Detail

Drama: Simple Days (2024)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: An Jian
Main Stars: Yin Tao, Lawrence Wang, Zhang Ruo Nan
Genres: Drama, Family
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 14 March 2024
Season: 1
Aired: 14 March 2024-26 March 2024
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 26
Also Known As: Xiao Ri Zi, 小日子, Simple Days 2024

Simple Days Synopsis and Plot Summary

Gu Moli, Zhu Jincao and their families had to travel from their hometowns all the way to Shanghai to establish a family.

But the marriage presented another problem, which shouldn’t have been a concern.

Disagreements over parents, disagreements with the other parent or even the disappearance of your personal space are just some of the issues that can arise.

The child had a difficult childhood, and they realized that their actions were to blame when the situation became out of hand.

Following a cooling off period, they decided to divorce and reorganize their family relationships. Once the divorce document is received, the challenges for the couple and young family begin.

Growth is never without setbacks. These crises made them more aware of their family responsibilities.

Jasmine’s and Jincao’s children were remarried following their reconciliation.

Simple Days Cast

Chen Xiao as Zhu Jin Cao

Tong Yao as Gu Mo Li

Sa Ri Na as Zhang Shan Ya

Ying Er as Shen Liu Liu

Qiao Zhen Yu as Wang Ling Xiao

Yu Hao Ming as Jiang Hai Tao

Du Hai Tao as Huang Qian Niu

Yue Hong as Wu Yu Lan

Wang Yuan Ke as Gao Xia Qing

Zhao Jun as Zhu Da Li

Tian Yi Tong as Mi Na

Zhou Da Wei as Zhou Yu

Ma Liang as Liu Zhi

Han Li as Yan Li

Pan Xiao Li as Zhang Mei Ya

An Jian as Han Fei Zi

Fu Miao as Li Rui

Fan Tian Tian as Ms. Yi

Huo Qing as Gu De Mao

Chu Zhen as A Jie

Wang Shan Shui as Fan Fan

Ding Nan as Xiao Chen

Zhang Rui Jia as Zhang Zhen Ya

Sun Zhong Yi as Mr. Tang

Yu Heng as Mr. Chen

Dong Ke Fei as Teacher Dong

Hai Tong as Lao Ai

Zhou Xiao Hai as Wang Bu Hui

Han Xin Tong as Hua Hua

Su Zi Shan as Le Le

Ji Ye Cui as Xin Niang

Li Zheng Yu as Mai Ke

Chen Xu Ming as Lao Hu

Zheng Jing as Xue Fang

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