Silk Road Treasure (2023)

Overall: Silk Road Treasure is a Chinese Adventure, Drama (2023). Silk Road Treasure cast: Yan Yi Kuan, Qiao Zhen Yu, Hu Lian Xin. Silk Road Treasure Release Date: 2023. Silk Road Treasure Episodes: 50.

Silk Road Treasure Detail

Drama: Silk Road Treasure (2023)
Network: Tencent Video
Genres: Adventure, Drama
Main Stars: Yan Yi Kuan, Qiao Zhen Yu, Hu Lian Xin
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 50
Also Known As: Da Kun Lun Zhi Si Lu Bao Zang, 大昆仑之丝路宝藏, Silk Road Treasure 2023

Silk Road Treasure Synopsis and Plot Summary

The Story of this show is truly verifiable and brimming with experience so in 1892 Qing Line prehistorian Mu Wen Shan was pursued somewhere near two obscure powers while looking for an old guide which uncovers stowed away fortunes and rich assets.

Mu Wen Shan and his better half forfeited the existences of themselves and their most youthful child Mu Tian Shu and Yang Xu got back toward the Western Locales to research the passing of the Mu family.

Mu Tianshu looked for the baffling old picture along the southern line of the Silk Street.

The reality of the scheme quite a while back, yet in addition figured out how to expose the Japanese scoundrels which were veiled as an archeological group who desired the fortunes of the Western Locales.

Yang Xiang changes to turn into a the hero land and fortunes of China. Aligning with Kashgar official Yang Dingchen,

They direct the outer powers to a war zone in the Pamir Mountains. In the Kunlun Mountains.

Mu Tianshu utilized the methods of the old individuals and baited the crooks involving their ravenousness for the fortunes and prior to killing them under the grave of Ruler Zhou Mu and Sovereign Mother of the West utilizing the by Yitian Wanli Long Sword.

Silk Road Treasure Cast

Yan Yi Kuan as Mu Tian Shu

Qiao Zhen Yu as Qiu Shi Guang

Hu Lian Xin as Yi Da

Dong Xuan as Xin Yi

Song Han Huan as Support Role

Wang Jin Song as Guest Role

Song Qing as E Li Qi

Zhang Yong Jian as Tu Er Di

Fan Ming as Dang Gui

Liu Di Ni as Ai Li

Xue Hao Wen as Tang Kai Yang

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