Shuke and Peach Blossom (2021)

Overall: Shuke and Peach Blossom is a Chinese Comedy, Romance, Drama (2021). Shuke and Peach Blossom cast: Chen Xiao, Ying Er, Wang Zi Yi. Shuke and Peach Blossom Release Date: 1 January 2021. Shuke and Peach Blossom Episodes: 40.

Shuke and Peach Blossom Detail

Drama: Shuke and Peach Blossom (2021)
Network: Tencent Video
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Main Stars: Chen Xiao, Ying Er, Wang Zi Yi
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 1 January 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 1 January 2021-22 January 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Also Known As: Scottie & Tawnya , Shu Ke Yu Tao Hua , Syu Hak Di Tou Fa Wan , 舒克的桃花運 , Shu Ke’s Peach Blossom Luck , 舒克的桃花运, 舒克与桃花, Shuke and Peach Blossom 2021

Shuke and Peach Blossom Synopsis and Plot Summary

Shu Ke is a sales rep who tries to be an originator. In the wake of going into an agreement marriage with Tao Hua, a second-age rich baifumei, Shu Ke ends up confronting a wide range of difficulties.

He needs to manage his steely relative, a youth darling who has come to discover flaw, a dad in-law who is by all accounts neither companion nor enemy and Tao Hua’s old buddy who is pounding on him. Being in too far in their falsehoods, the two begin to grow genuine affections for one another.

Be that as it may, the opportunity will come when their phony marriage is uncovered. Tao Hua’s mom requests that Shu Ke abandon his fantasy about turning into a creator to join the privately-run company all things considered.

Shu Ke hesitantly concurs and encounters different high points and low points in the work environment as the director’s child in-law. In the interim, Ta Hua requires her life to be postponed to concentrate all her energy towards Shu Ke. With their relationship arriving at a stalemate, can they actually have a genuine marriage?

Shuke and Peach Blossom Cast

Chen Xiao as Shu Ke
Ying Er as Tao Hua
Wang Zi Yi as Liu Yu
Tao Hui as Zhong Jing Hua
Chuo Ni as Zhou Ying Ying
Wen Yu Qi as Li Ai Qi
Jiang Rui Jia as Pang Ya
Marco Chen as Zhang Hui
Joshua Song as Ma Da Chun
Zhao Xiao Su as Bei Ta
Li Xin Liang as Ming Yuan
Alice Chan as Ye Hui Fang
Hu Ya Jie as Ming Wan Peng

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