Second Chance with Dad (2023)

Overall: Second Chance with Dad is a Chinese Movie (2023). Second Chance with Dad cast: Fan Ming, Li Qian, Yu Hui. Second Chance with Dad Release Date: 16 June 2023. Second Chance with Dad.

Second Chance with Dad Detail

Movie: Second Chance with Dad (2023)
Genres: Movie
Main Stars: Fan Ming, Li Qian, Yu Hui
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 16 June 2023
Season: 1
Also Known As: Dad, I Understand You, Daddy I Understand You, Baba, Wo Dong Ni Le, Ba Ba, Wo Dong Ni Le, 爸爸,我懂你了, Second Chance with Dad 2023

Second Chance with Dad Synopsis and Plot Summary

Qian’s dad passes on out of the blue of a coronary episode. He Perceived by a larger number of people as a legend in view of his contribution in some pit snatching and covered in that capacity, according to his girl.

He was a trick and was offering to the world some phony persona. Before long, at his memorial service, a peculiar peculiarity happens. Qian time travels to the second prior to the mishap.

She starts to learn the subtleties of the occasion, yet she likewise begins getting to know her dad once again, from the side from which she was never permitted to know him.

Second Chance with Dad Cast

Fan Ming as Wang Xin Hua

Li Qian as Qian Qian

Yu Hui as Qian’s mother

Shi Liang as Mr. Wang

Jin Qiao Qiao as Secretary Guo

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