Run Away Episode 9

Run Away is a Chinese Thriller, Mystery, Drama (2023). Run Away Episode 9 cast: Zhang Chu Wen, Feng Hao. Run Away Episode 9 Release Date: 20 September 2023. Run Away Total Episodes: 18.

Run Away Episode 9 Synopsis and Plot Summary

It may appear to be an accident that happened by chance however, it conceals the truth behind a massive saga.

Yang Qing is a writer who is ruled by her controlling and crazy husband. Yin Hong has amnesia after a car crash.

While searching for memories, many clues show that her mind as well as her body weren’t hers and that all her movements were under the control of her husband.

Do you think Yang Qing will be able to get out of this trap?

Run Away Episode 9 Detail

Episode Name: Episode 9
Network: Tencent Video
Main Stars: Zhang Chu Wen, Feng Hao
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 20 September 2023
Season: 1
Total Episodes: 18
Episode Number: 9
Also Known As: Run Away Episode 9 Season 1, 逃离那间房, Run Away Episode 9 Preview, Run Away Epi 9

Run Away Episode 9 Cast

Zhang Chu Wen as Yang Qing

Feng Hao as Yin Hong

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