Romance From Game Bug (2024)

Romance From Game Bug is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). Romance From Game Bug cast: Zhou Jie Qiong, Ge Qiu Gu, Zhang Si Fan. Romance From Game Bug Release Date: 2024. Romance From Game Bug Episode: 0.

Romance From Game Bug Detail

Drama: Romance From Game Bug (2024)
Network: Youku
Director: Wang Feng
Genres: Romance, Drama
Main Stars: Zhou Jie Qiong, Ge Qiu Gu, Zhang Si Fan
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episode: 0
Also Known As: Their Wonderful Time, Their Amazing Time, Love Metaverse, The Metaverse of Love, Ai De Yuan Yu Zhou, Ta Men De Qi Miao Shi Guang, 他们的奇妙时光, 爱的元宇宙, Romance From Game Bug 2024

Romance From Game Bug Synopsis and Plot Summary

Romance From Game Bug is a love-themed urban drama that focuses on the -matched love story of Song Lingling and Xiao Run.

Song Lingling, a tech geek with an enthralling imagination, in fact Lan Yao. He is a brilliant creator of games in the business and the creator for the popular game “Glory of Love”.

She is a queen in the world of sports and is a formidable woman in the workplace, but she’s a child who doesn’t have a strict attitude towards minor things in her relationship life and she is slow to express her feelings. She’s extremely nervous, but is not adorable.

She appears a little off-key but when she can see something clearly, she’ll continue until the end. Xiao Ran is the president of the Chengru Company and an investor in the game “Glory of Love”.

While he’s comfortable at the mall, he is calm and determined at work and is able to carry the entire team on the field however, he is to be a little straight in his relationships.

“There’s no way to let anyone in. “Do not let strangers in” appeared to have been written across his icy face, but nobody believed that he was a humble and stubborn big boy inside his heart.

Romance From Game Bug Cast

Zhou Jie Qiong as Song Ling Ling

Ge Qiu Gu as Xiao Ran

Zhang Si Fan as Lin Qiao

Miffy Shi as Liu Yi Yi

Bai Zhi Jie as Pang Ding

Yu Zi Yang as Da Xiong

Irene Yang as Lu Lu

Ye Yan as Steven

Zeng Yao Hui as Song Chong Ming

Li Pu as Xiao Wu

Liang Jia Wei as David

Li Hao as Zhang Yun Fei

Lin Meng Qi as Shen Xiang Yu

Dong Lin Yi as Xiao Ai

Ji Yi Tong as Nan Gong Yu

Zhong Zhao Xi as Support Role

Danson Tang as Guest Role

Lang Feng as Guest Role

Zhang Shao Gang as Guest Role

Wong Cho Lam as Guest Role

Kingdom Yuen as Guest Role

Chen Zi Han as Guest Role

Shen Bao Ping as Guest Role

Si Wen as Guest Role

Lu Shi Yu as Guest Role

Shen Chang as Guest Role

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