Remember My Boy (2021)

Overall: Remember My Boy is a Chinese Comedy, Romance, Drama (2021). Remember My Boy cast: Daniel Zhou, Bubble Zhu, Feng Wan He. Remember My Boy Release Date: 22 February 2021. Remember My Boy Episodes: 24.

Remember My Boy Detail

Drama: Remember My Boy (2021)
Director: Jin Xiong Hao
Network: Tencent Video, Mango TV, Mango TV
Main Stars: Daniel Zhou, Bubble Zhu, Feng Wan He
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 22 February 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 22 February 2021-8 March 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
Also Known As: I Remember That Boy , I Once Remembered That Boy , I Once Remembered That Guy , Wo Ceng Jide Na Nanhai , Wo Ceng Ji De Na Nan Hai, 我曾记得那男孩, Remember My Boy 2021

Remember My Boy Synopsis and Plot Summary

Excessive college classmates Zhang Yang and Zhou Jing Mang are proper polar opposites. at the same time as Zhang Yang is brash, a realistic joker, frequently selfish, and every so often even confrontational, Zhou Jing Mang is naive and overly trusting.

As they slowly get to realize each other at college, Zhang Yang first starts offevolved to play hints on Zhou Jing Mang in his regular manner, fooling her into making an embarrassing statement over the college tannoy machine.

but little by little, they begin to develop an attachment to each other – and begin to expand a mutual sense of appreciate. however ought to this one day cause love?

meanwhile, classmates Shen Li Hua Feng Wan He, Ling Chen, and extra also are embarking on their own journeys of discovery.

Remember My Boy Cast

Daniel Zhou as Zhang Yang
Bubble Zhu as Zhou Jing Mang
Feng Wan He as Shen Li Hua
Liu Huan Yu as Ling Chen
Feng Chu Xuan as Support Role
Cai Yi Ming as Support Role
Qin Tian as Support Role
Zhao Ze Fan as Support Role
Zhao You Wei as Support Role
Jiang Yi Ming as Support Rol

Remember My Boy Trailer

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