Rattan (2020)

Overall: Rattan is a Chinese Mystery, Romance, Drama (2020). Rattan cast: Sally Jing, Vin Zhang, Zhang Yi Chi. Rattan Release Date: December 2020. Rattan Episodes: 0.

Rattan Detail

Drama: Rattan (2020)
Network: Youku
Director: Li Mu Ge
Main Stars: Sally Jing, Vin Zhang, Zhang Yi Chi
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: December 2020
Season: 1
Aired: December 2020
Also Known As: Si Teng, 司藤, Rattan 2020

Rattan Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the time of 1946, evil spirit young lady Si Teng was killed by Reverend Tian Shi in the town of Shanghai. In time of 2013, Qin Fang and his fiancee made a beeline for the West to look for a supporter. In transit there, an auto crash happened. A drop of blood from Qin Fang revived the devil young lady who was covered in the ground. In the time of 1937, Qin Fang dismissed Si Teng’s directions and needed to do his vengeance plans. Qin Fang attempts all approaches to split away from Qin Fang’s control. In any case, he steadily discovers that seventy years back, his destiny, has just been organized.

Rattan Cast

Sally Jing as Si Teng / Bai Ying
Vin Zhang as Qin Fang
Zhang Yi Chi as Yan Fu Rui
Kanazawa Hao Kim as Dan Zhi Gang
Zhang Ding Han as Jia Gui Zhi
June Wu as Wang Qian Kun
Daisy Li as Chen Yi Deng
Shao Feng as Qiu Shan
Li Yi Xiao as Yi Zu
Biu Pan as An Man

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