Qian Duo Tao Hua Yi Shi Kai (2024)

Qian Duo Tao Hua Yi Shi Kai is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). Qian Duo Tao Hua Yi Shi Kai cast: Vin Zhang, Liu Min Tao, Dai Xu. Qian Duo Tao Hua Yi Shi Kai Release Date: 2024. Qian Duo Tao Hua Yi Shi Kai Episodes: 40.

Qian Duo Tao Hua Yi Shi Kai Detail

Drama: Qian Duo Tao Hua Yi Shi Kai (2024)
Network: Youku
Director: Sam Ho
Genres: Romance, Drama
Main Stars: Vin Zhang, Sun Zhen Ni, Wang Duo
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: 千朵桃花一世開, 千朵桃花一世开, Qian Duo Tao Hua Yi Shi Kai 2024

Qian Duo Tao Hua Yi Shi Kai Synopsis and Plot Summary

Zhaoming became the god of the prayers of his people. In addition to this, he gave his life as an armed warrior to the gods of the universe.

Following the passing of Zhao Ming, the passion in the Chaos Bead desperately saved a portion of his heart. This resulted in an endless loop that lasted for.

In the following time, Zhaoming was reincarnated as Xie Chen as one of the leaders of the Immortal Alliance, and the Chaos Pearl was transformed into Mu Xuanling. The patron of the realm of darkness.

Finally, they got together with the world, however they’d forgotten their history and had fought against each other under the title “neither good nor evil”.

The Mu Xuanling helped to save Xie her Xuechen who was severely injured by the dark menace which was threatening to join Xuanling in saving the girl.

When time goes on, both could be on a different agenda and reach a stage where they are at a point of contention.

After letting go of their defensiveness and letting their guards fall down and falling in love with one another. However the moment they met and fought over a piece of art known as “Chaos Bead”, the two were locked in an unending battle until the very close.

Mu Xuanling’s story was one of sacrifice that brought peace to the world. But, the Xie Yuechen had another plan, and re-entered his past to assist Mu Xuanling.

The time of unending destruction is past. XieXuechen’s spirit has returned to Zhaoming The body of Zhaoming changed into an angel that was killed.

Mu Xuanling rekindles a spirit that has been abandoned to the love of her life. She stops the destruction and brings peace to entire world.

Qian Duo Tao Hua Yi Shi Kai Cast

Vin Zhang as Xie Xue Chen | Emperor Zhao Ming

Sun Zhen Ni as Mu Xuan Ling | Hun Dun Zhu

Wang Duo as Nan Xu Yue

Han Dong as Sang Qi

Xu Yang Hao as Zhan Ying

Yu Xin Tong as Su Ning Zhen

Rong Zi Xi as Yu Ying

Sun Zi Hang as Xuan Xin

Tenzing Jigmey as Jiang Li

Wang Jia Xuan as Chi Ying

Chen Yu Xian as Feng Yao

Wu Yu Heng as Fu Lan Sheng

Zhang Ya Qin as Gao Qiu Min

Chen Si Si as Support Role

Huang Ting Ting as Support Role

Hu Wen Xuan as Support Role

Li Zhi Mo as Support Role

Yang Bo Xiao as Support Role

Duan Xing Yu as Support Role

Zu Ka Er as Support Role

Zhao Dong Hao as Support Role

Yu Yang as Support Role

Wang Zi Xuan as Feng Xiang

Dong Zi Fan as He Xian Wo | Young

Luke Chen as Qian Guang Jun

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