Puffer Rhapsody (2022)

Overall: Puffer Rhapsody is a Chinese Fantasy, Movie (2022). Puffer Rhapsody cast: Zhao Xu Dong. Puffer Rhapsody Release Date: 1 March 2022. Puffer Rhapsody.

Puffer Rhapsody Detail

Movie: Puffer Rhapsody (2022)
Main Stars: Zhao Xu Dong
Genres: Fantasy, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 1 March 2022
Season: 1
Also Known As: 男神遊戲 , If I Were a Gentleman , 河豚狂想曲, 假如我是男神,男神游戏,Puffer Rhapsody 2022

Puffer Rhapsody Synopsis and Plot Summary

Luo Su (Susu), a 20-some thing Chinese white-collar employee from a bad own family heritage, goals excessive via faking her biography that allows you to marry the handsome Chinese bachelor Mr. Wen. After her lies are disclosed by way of a shocking TV interview of her mom, she loses the entirety and commits suicide. Stuck in limbo, she’s been magically given a last danger to rewrite her existence within 72 hours; inside the body of a person.

Puffer Rhapsody Cast

Zhao Xu Dong as Main Role

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