Ping Mo Ce (2021)

Overall: Ping Mo Ce is a Chinese Movie (2021). Ping Mo Ce cast: Chen Xi Xu. Ping Mo Ce Release Date: February 2021. Ping Mo Ce.

Ping Mo Ce Detail

Movie: Ping Mo Ce (2021)
Main Stars: Chen Xi Xu
Genres: Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: February 2021
Season: 1
Aired: February 2021
Also Known As: Ping Mo Ce: The Red Sword of Eternal Love, 平魔策之红颜长情剑, Ping Mo Ce 2021

Ping Mo Ce Synopsis and Plot Summary

5 years in the past a Western virus swept the important Plains, transforming people into bloodthirsty monsters. They had been known as “blood demon.” all people knows that Ouyang Chun used his ancestral divine sword to kill the source of the virus, the “Demon Ancestor”, however unbeknownst to him, his lover, Yue Qingyin’s sister Peiru, became inflamed and a effective new “Demon Ancestor”. Ouyang Chun confessed that he had certainly killed many not worthy human beings to hold Peiru alive, however he had discovered a manner to transform Peiru back into an person and could turn himself in as quickly as he had carried out so.

Ping Mo Ce Cast

Chen Xi Xu as Main Role

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