Perfect Evidence (2023)

Overall: Perfect Evidence is a Chinese Drama (2023). Perfect Evidence cast: Zhang Ruo Yun, Jiao Jun Yan, Wang Jin Song. Perfect Evidence Release Date: 2023. Perfect Evidence Episodes: 38.

Perfect Evidence Detail

Drama: Perfect Evidence (2023)
Network: Mango TV
Director: Raymond Yip
Main Stars: Zhang Ruo Yun, Jiao Jun Yan, Wang Jin Song
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 38
Also Known As: Wan Mei Zheng Ju, 完美证据, Perfect Evidence 2023

Perfect Evidence Synopsis and Plot Summary

Xun Zheng and Qin Qiao Chu are a combative pair, Qin Qiao Chu values effectiveness while Xun Zheng values proof. While tackling various cases, they covertly contend and depend on each other.

The criminal safeguard lawyer spoke to by Di Shuhan is oppositely contradicted to Qin Qiaochu and Xun Zheng to secure the criminal presume’s procedural rights.

It is absolutely a result of the unremitting endeavors of these three gatherings that remain in their separate places that the suit privileges of all criminal prosecution members including casualties and criminal suspects are successfully ensured.

Simultaneously, these three individuals have developed standing up to cases that feature the unpredictable human instinct and have a target understanding of confidence in the law.

Perfect Evidence Cast

Zhang Ruo Yun as Xun Zheng

Jiao Jun Yan as Qin Qiao Chu

Wang Jin Song as a Support Role

Han Tong Sheng as Support Role

Li Qiang as Support Role

Bao Bei Er as Support Role

Bao Wen Jing as Support Role

Feng Bing as Support Role

Qiao Xin Feng as Support Role

Qian Men Chao as Qian Xiao Hu

Zoe Su as Jia Jia

Perfect Evidence Trailer

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