Our Song 3 (2021)

Overall: Our Song 3 is a Chinese TV Show (2021). Our Song 3 cast: Miriam Yeung, Joker Xue, Diamond Zhang. Our Song 3 Release Date: 19 September 2021. Our Song 3 Episodes: 12.

Our Song 3 Detail

TV Show: Our Song 3 (2021)
Main Stars: Miriam Yeung, Joker Xue, Diamond Zhang
Country: China
Genres: Show
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 19 September 2021
Season: 1
Aired On: Sunday
Episodes: 12
Also Known As: Our Song Season Three , 中国梦之声·我们的歌第3季 , 我们的歌第三季 , 我们的歌第3季 , Our Song Season 3, 中国梦之声·我们的歌第三季, Our Song 3 2021

Our Song 3 Synopsis and Plot Summary

This range show pairs up new Chinese singers with famous and well-hooked up Chinese singers which have been making a song for years to carry you a new version of classic award-prevailing songs. At the same time, they may compete with their overall performance.

Our Song 3 Cast

Miriam Yeung as Team A
Joker Xue as Team A
Diamond Zhang as Team A
Eric Chou as Team A
Hu Xia as Team A
Sunnee as Team A
Ji Jia He as Team A
Wowkie Zhang as Team B
Bibi Zhou as Team B
Silence Wang as Team B
Liu Yu Ning as Team B
Zhai Xiao Wen as Team B
Shan Yi Chun as Team B
George Lam as Regular Member
Meng Hui Yuan as Team B

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