Our Memory in Beijing (2021)

Overall: Our Memory in Beijing is a Chinese Movie (2021). Our Memory in Beijing cast: Chen Zi Hao, Tian Na. Our Memory in Beijing Release Date: 15 January 2021. Our Memory in Beijing.

Our Memory in Beijing Detail

Movie: Our Memory in Beijing (2021)
Director: Ming Li
Main Stars: Chen Zi Hao, Tian Na
Genres: Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 15 January 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 15 January 2021
Also Known As: We in North Beijing , Us in Beijing , Jing Bei De Wo Men , Bei Jing De Women , Bejing De Women , 北京的我们, 京北的我们, Our Memory in Beijing 2021

Our Memory in Beijing Synopsis and Plot Summary

This film recounts the romantic tale of Wang Jinghe and Li Mengjie from the college grounds to the social working environment that traversed twenty years.

On the college grounds during the 1990s, they became hopelessly enamored from the outset sight, conquering numerous challenges, and met up on graduation.

With the change and opening up, the arrival of Hong Kong, and the fast improvement of the 21st century, the two followed the speed of the occasions. Following quite a while of battle, they at long last flourished in Beijing.

The weight of family, the pressing factor of floating north, and the unswerving affection are the lone mainstays of Jinghe. . The appearance of her girl Jiaojiao has revived expect the urgent Wangjinghe, and the account of Beijing proceeds.

Our Memory in Beijing Cast

Chen Zi Hao as Wang Jing He

Tian Na as Li Meng Jie

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