Only for Love (2023)

Overall: Only for Love is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). Only for Love cast: Bai Lu, Dylan Wang, Wei Zhe Ming. Only for Love Release Date: 2023. Only for Love Episodes: 36.

Only for Love Detail

Drama: Only for Love (2023)
Network: Mango TV
Director: Guo Hu
Main Stars: Bai Lu, Dylan Wang, Wei Zhe Ming
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 36
Also Known As: Cuo Liao, 错撩, 以愛為營, 錯撩, Yi Ai Wei Ying, Accidental Love, 以爱为营, Only for Love 2023

Only for Love Synopsis and Plot Summary

Zheng Shu Yi is a columnist who succeeds at her specific employment still up in the air to land a first page story has made a solid attempt to procure a selective meeting with top monetary chief Shi Yan.

Zheng Shu Yi has composed various reports through her top to bottom examination of different ventures.

Shi Yan is continually searching for socially mindful new companies to put resources into as he desires to reward society however much he can.

Shi Yan finds that Zheng Shu Yi’s viewpoints passed on through her reports harmonize with his own so he consents to allow her to compose a progression of reports on their organization.

The two in the long run open up new open doors in their profession and furthermore track down affection.

Only for Love Cast

Bai Lu as Zheng Shu Yi

Dylan Wang as Shi Yan

Wei Zhe Ming as Yu You

Shen Yu Jie as Qin Shi Yue

Liu Dong Qin as Guan Ji

Liu Xie Ning as Bei Lin

Sun Ao as Hu Qing Hua

Song Xiao Ying Zi as Li You Ran

Duan Xing Yu as Cheng Bei Er

Lu Zhao Hua as Ada

Yang Ming Na as Wang Mei Ru

Tu Zhi Ying as Fiona

Daniel Zhou as Yi Yang

Vian Wang as Kong Nan

David Wang as Qin Xiao Ming

Zheng Shu Huan as Qin Le Zhi

Lu Cheng Jue as Yue Xing Zhou

An Yue Xi as Xu Yu Ling

Kong Lian Shun as Fan Lei

Kou Zhen Hai as Shi Wen Guang

Dong Xuan as Song Le Lan

Zeng Li as Tang Yi

Nie Yuan as Guan Xiang Cheng

Jiang Pei Yao as Bi Ruo Shan

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