Only Fools Rush In (2022)

Overall: Only Fools Rush In is a Chinese Action, Movie (2022). Only Fools Rush In cast: Liu Hao Ran, Liu Hao Cun, Shen Teng. Only Fools Rush In Release Date: 1 February 2022. Only Fools Rush In.

Lighting Up The Stars Detail

Movie: Only Fools Rush In (2022)
Director: Han Han
Main Stars: Liu Hao Ran, Liu Hao Cun, Shen Teng
Genres: Action, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 1 February 2022
Season: 1
Also Known As: Si Hai , The Story of Youth , 年轻的故事 , Nian Qing De Gu Shi , Only Fools Rush In , Four Seas, 四海, Only Fools Rush In 2022

Only Fools Rush In Synopsis and Plot Summary

A colorful story that takes vicinity between the coastal location and the large metropolis is woven into the lives of a left-in the back of youth, his father who has no longer returned for many years, a younger lady, her older brother, and their RSZ motorcycle crew.

Wu Ren Yao is superb at motorbike stunts. He is one of China’s many “left-in the back of youngsters” who stay in the rural areas far from their parents. One day, he is reunited with his father Wu Ren Teng, whom he has not visible for many years. At this time, Huan Song and her brother’s motorcade by accident crashes into their lives. Did the young Ren Yao advantage a pal or an enemy, did he find happiness or hassle? Will they earn repute or will they make the 4 corners of the world their home? Youth burns on the street journey along side the small islands within the North and the maximum prosperous town inside the south.

Only Fools Rush In Cast

Liu Hao Ran as Wu Ren Yao
Liu Hao Cun as Huan Song
Shen Teng as Wu Ren Teng
Zheng Yin as Support Role
Zhou Qi as Support Role
Qiao Shan as Support Role
Feng Shao Feng as Support Role
Wang Yan Lin as Support Role
Zhang You Hao as Support Role
Zack Gao as Support Role
Huang Xiao Ming as Guest Role
Jordan Chan as Guest Role
Alex Man as Guest Role
Estelle Wu as Guest Role

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