Novoland: Wings of Wind (2024)

Novoland: Wings of Wind is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). Novoland: Wings of Wind cast: Chen Kun, Ni Ni, Wang Lei. Novoland: Wings of Wind Release Date: 2024. Novoland: Wings of Wind Episodes: 60.

Novoland: Wings of Wind Detail

Drama: Novoland: Wings of Wind (2024)
Director: Wang Lei
Genres: Romance, Drama
Main Stars: Chen Kun, Ni Ni, Wang Lei
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 60
Also Known As: Jiu Zhou: Yu Chuan Shuo, 九州·羽传说, Novoland: Wings of Wind 2024

Novoland: Wings of Wind Synopsis and Plot Summary

As a kid Yuren Xiang Yiyi would only condense his dark black wings, but he was incapable of flying when the others in his clan could condense wings to fly on a clear night.

Xiang Yiyi suffered discrimination and humiliation from his tribe. After he met Feng Lingxue, the top shooter in the Hexue Group, he felt the warmth of the entire world and became infatuated to Feng Lingxue silently.

While there was evidence that Yu Dynasty was prosperous for some time, it suffered due to external and internal issues.

When the crisis was brewing, Xiang Yi sensed the strength of the moon’s dark and condensed an enormous black feather.

He became the commander for his own Hexue Regiment and was the leader of the Hexue warriors in the defense of their territory. Yuren territory.

In the midst of changing circumstances both young people were in love with one and were deeply in love with each other.

As the best marksman, Feng Lingxue was hated and was hunted by a variety of parties however, she was not well-versed in the world, and didn’t know about the evil individuals. To defend Feng Lingxue, Xiang Yiyi did not hesitate to risk her life.

Novoland: Wings of Wind Cast

Chen Kun as Ning Yi

Ni Ni as Feng Zhi Wei

Wang Lei as Director

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