Night Wanderer (2022)

Overall: Night Wanderer is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2022). Night Wanderer cast: Deng Lun, Ni Ni, Wang Yu Wen. Night Wanderer Release Date: 2022. Night Wanderer Episodes: 36.

Night Wanderer Detail

Drama: Night Wanderer (2022)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Wan Li Yang
Writer: Hu Rong, Chen Mao Xian, Cai Yu Ling
Main Stars: Deng Lun, Ni Ni, Wang Yu Wen
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2022
Season: 1
Episodes: 36
Also Known As: Ye Lv Ren , Ye Lu Ren , Night Traveller, 夜旅人, Traveller of the Night 2022

Night Wanderer Synopsis and Plot Summary

One summer time night time in Shanghai, Zong Ying bumps into an surprising tourist at home who claims to also be the owner of an vintage apartment No. 699 in Shanghai. Every night time, he time travels from 1937 to fashionable instances and is going lower back by using the morning. He even has proof of his identity as an lawyer of the Republic of China.

Although Sheng Qing Rang attempted to convince her that he became from once more period, the extent-headed Zong Ying changed into quick to brush it off as nonsense. Yet whilst he disappears earlier than her eyes, she has no choice however to begin accepting the fact. What commenced as an accidental stumble upon has observed reason.

As Zong Ying and Sheng Qing Rang go backward and forward between two eras, the 2 folks that had been pretty limited while it comes to love progressively go from buddies to confidantes and subsequently, fanatics. However, dying has reputedly cast a shadow on Sheng Qing Rang’s future because the Battle of Shanghai broke out. It is an extravagant desire for the couple to honestly be able to stay collectively. In the flames of war, individuals who do now not belong to the same time and area have end up the maximum crucial footnotes in each other’s lives.

Night Wanderer Cast

Deng Lun as Sheng Qing Rang
Ni Ni as Zong Ying
Wang Yu Wen as Sheng Qing Hui
Gao Ye as Xue Xuan Qing
Wang Duo as Yin Xi Meng
Liu Run Nan as Rong Qiang
Zhang Gong as Director Xiao
Yang Shi Ze as Sheng Qiu Shi
Chen Xi Jun as Sheng Qing He
Wang Yuan Ke as Sheng Qing Ping
Wang Dong as Sheng Qing Xiang
Jampa Tseten as Xiao Ding Jun
Hou Chang Rong as Zong Qing Lin
Ophelia Yang as Xing Xue Shu
Xu Min as Support Role
Zhang Shao Rong as Support Role
Hou Tong Jiang as Support Role
Qin Yan as Support Role
Wang Jian Guo as Support Role
Zhou Ling as Support Role
Wang Jian Xin as Support Role
Yang Zi Hua as Support Role
Gao Fang as Support Role
He Yin as Zi Yao
Wang Jing Hua as Support Role
Lin Meng as Secretary Fang
Reina Kinsman as Ge Lang Lang
Tang Hao as Sheng Qing He Young
Li Hao Yang as Zong Yu
Meng Zhao Zhong as Support Role

Night Wanderer Trailer

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