Never Wronged (2023)

Overall: Never Wronged is a Chinese Mystery, Drama (2023). Never Wronged  cast: Xia Zhi Guang, Caesar Wu, Wang Zhi Yi. Never Wronged  Release Date: 2023. Never Wronged Episodes: 24.

Never Wronged Detail

Drama: Never Wronged (2022)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Stanley Tong
Main Stars: Xia Zhi Guang, Caesar Wu, Wang Zhi Yi
Genres: Mystery, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: Mind Readers and Justice Walkers , Du Xin Ke Yu Wu Yuan Xing Zhe , 无冤行者 , 讀心客與無冤行者 , The Tout, 读心客与无冤行者, Never Wronged 2023

Never Wronged Synopsis and Plot Summary

A criminal investigator threesome involved mind-perusing master Qin Huo Le, the consistently made and immovable commander Tune He and the peculiar scientific specialist Fan Xiao Fan who cooperate to investigate 8 unusual stories.

There are individuals who steadily transform into devils in the wake of encountering shamefulness gaze at the pit for a really long time and the chasm gazes back.

There are individuals who unfortunately penance themselves to accomplish equity; there are individuals who get discipline for their missteps without understanding what they fouled up, they rehash their bad behaviors even to the detriment of harming others.

There are individuals who act decent under the sun however transform into beasts in the evening glow who exploit the guiltless to fuel their insane fixations.

Never Wronged Cast

Xia Zhi Guang as Qin Huo Le

Caesar Wu as Song He

Wang Zhi Yi as Main Role

Hei Zi as Support Role

William Chak as Zhu Tie

Xiao Yin as Ya Nu

Ji Chen Mu as Huo Qing Xin

Liu Qin Shan as You Lan

Liu Bo as Ma Xiao Nian

Niu Bei Ren as Support Role

Bai Liu Xi as Support Role

Li Huai Long as Support Role

Du Zhao as Support Role

Hao Shuang as Support Role

Wowkie Zhang as Support Role

Zhao Xiao Kun as Support Role

Gao Sheng Hao as Cheng Tian Lang

Xu Nuo Yan as Chen Zheng

Li Ya Ze as Mao Shuai

Hao Ming Qi as Zou Jin

Yu Hong Zhou as Xu Wu Wen

Li Jun Mo as Support Role

Zhang Li Ming as Chen Shou Ting

Darrien Zhang as Support Role

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