Never Say Never (2023)

Overall: Never Say Never is a Chinese Movie (2023). Never Say Never cast: Wang Bao Qiang, Chen Yong Sheng, Shi Peng Yuan. Never Say Never Release Date: 6 July 2023. Never Say Never.

Never Say Never Detail

Movie: Never Say Never (2023)
Director: Wang Bao Qiang
Writer: Wang Bao Qiang
Main Stars: Wang Bao Qiang, Chen Yong Sheng, Shi Peng Yuan
Genres: Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 6 July 2023
Season: 1
Also Known As: Octagonal, Ba Jiao Long Zhong, 八角笼中, Never Say Never 2023

Never Say Never Synopsis and Plot Summary

Xiang Teng Hui places his entire being into supporting oppressed youngsters in the neighborhood them a good omen for what’s in store.

At the point when past execution recordings portraying horrible horrendous scenes are spilled and it sets off a response from individuals who know nothing about reality.

Xiang Teng Hui’s life and the youngsters future become caught in a web turned by individuals professing to be carrying on of graciousness.

Never Say Never Cast

Wang Bao Qiang as Xiang Teng Hui

Chen Yong Sheng as Ma Hu | Adult

Shi Peng Yuan as Su Mu | Teen

Wang Xun as Wang Feng

Zhang Yi Tong as Su Mu’s sister

Hu Hao Fan as Su Xiao Bu | Adult

Xiao Yang as Wang Jing Fu

Liu Hua as M. Lee

Li Yang as Principal Chen

Li Chen as Director

Vivien Li as Guest Role

Xing Yu as Guest Role

Wang Da Zhi as Guest Role

Bao Zhen Jiang as Guest Role

Zhang Qi as Guest Role

Kiki Dong as Reporter

Chi Peng as Xiang Teng Hui’s mother

Li Ruo Tian as Guest Role

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