Never Say Never (2021)

Overall: Never Say Never is a Chinese TV Show (2021). Never Say Never cast: G.E.M., Lulu Xu, Shen Meng Chen. Never Say Never Release Date: 10 September 2021. Never Say Never Episodes: 10.

Never Say Never Detail

TV Show: Never Say Never (2021)
Network: Youku
Main Stars: G.E.M., Lulu Xu, Shen Meng Chen
Genres: Show
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 10 September 2021
Season: 1
Aired On: Friday
Episodes: 10
Also Known As: Boxing Battle , Quan Li Yi Fu De Wo Men , 拳力以赴的我們 , “拳”力以赴的我们, 拳力以赴的我们, Never Say Never 2021

Never Say Never Synopsis and Plot Summary

“Never Say Never” is the first boxing experience fact show inside the network, 23 boxing fans from all walks of lifestyles, consisting of Olympic champion, college professor, version, singer, film and tv actor, crosstalk actor, dancer, and so forth, underneath the steering of the complete fighting international champion Zhang Wei Li and 3 boxing international champions Xu Can, Xiong Chao Zhong and Zhang Xiao Ping, to create the most topical and impactful boxing table.

The application also installation three managers, and 23 boxers to form a group, around distinct degrees of gold belt to combat, to decide the Chinese appearing arts circle of active-duty boxers. Boxers face themselves within the program, reinvent themselves, past the self, to “pass all out” posture, lifestyles-by way of-life gold belt. In the Olympic year to evoke the spirit of public struggle, to reveal the mission of self, in no way surrender, from the coronary heart of the role model energy.

Never Say Never Cast

G.E.M. as Main Host
Lulu Xu as Main Host
Shen Meng Chen as Main Host
Zhang Shao Gang as MC
Xia Zhi Guang as Regular Member
Yao Chen as Regular Member
Zhang Yan Qi as Regular Member
Even Wong as Regular Member
Calvin Chen as Regular Member
Chen Ming as Regular Member
Lelush as Regular Member
Wayne Zhang as Regular Member
Aero Xiao as Regular Member
Shawn Zhang as Regular Member
Ji Ling Chen as Regular Member
Shao Bing as Regular Member
Isabelle Huang as Regular Member
Dany Lee as Regular Member
NINEONE as Regular Member
Sun Rui as Regular Member
Wang Ju as Regular Member
Kelly Yu as Regular Member

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