My Wife’s Double Life (2023)

Overall: My Wife’s Double Life is a Chinese Comedy, Romance, Drama (2023). My Wife’s Double Life cast: Tang Xiao Tian, Sabrina Zhuang, Lin Feng Song. My Wife’s Double Life Release Date: 2023. My Wife’s Double Life Episodes: 24.

My Wife’s Double Life Detail

Drama: My Wife’s Double Life (2023)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Zhao Jin Tao
Writer: Gao Xiao Xian
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Main Stars: Tang Xiao Tian, Sabrina Zhuang, Lin Feng Song
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 24
Also Known As: Willow Leaf Picking the Stars, Liu Ye Chai Xing Chen, 贼娘子, My Wife’s Double Life, 柳叶摘星辰, My Wife Is a Thief 2023

My Wife’s Double Life Synopsis and Plot Summary

The incredible criminal weds into the Xu family, subsequently beginning a skirmish of brains and will with a stone colored investigator. Trapped in a wait-and-see game, the two normal foes figure out how to become a couple.

The genuine character of the “willow criminal” is Liu Rong . Quite a while back, she was saved by Ruler Su from the extraordinary floods in the South. To reimburse him, Liu Rong professes to be his little girl Su Jin Zhen and weds Xu Mu Chen.

She should penetrate the Xu house to see as a jade pendant. All along, neither one of the mates gave any thought for their joke of a marriage. By all accounts, Liu Rong is a delicate and chivalrous spouse. Around evening time, she is an infamous outlaw.

The examiner Xu Mu Chen and the criminal have been trapped in rehashed conflicts. Without realizing that the cheat he’s been attempting to get is his significant other.

Xu Mu Chen gets back from his irksome altercations with the criminal just to find more difficulty sitting tight for him at home. From there on, the everyday cooperation’s between an authority and a cheat prompts a sweet sentiment.

My Wife’s Double Life Cast

Tang Xiao Tian as Xu Mu Chen

Sabrina Zhuang as Liu Rong / Liu Ye Zei / Su Jin Zhen

Lin Feng Song as Su Jin Ning

Cheng Zi as Qin Mu Mu

Wang Zi Jie as Wu Zhao

Li Bo Yang as Xiao Qiu

Li Pei En as Mo Yan

Tian Zhong as Mister Gu

Zhang Xi Lin as Imperial Duke Su

Zhang Yan Yan as Yu Luo Sha

Fan Wei as Xiao Dong

Huang Fu Jie as Scholar Gong Yang

Song Yu Fei as Madame Xu

Zhang Zi Han as Support Role

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