My Goddess, My Mother (2024)

My Goddess, My Mother is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2024). My Goddess, My Mother cast: Lee Da Hae, Qi Dao, Jin Xing. My Goddess, My Mother Release Date: 2024. My Goddess, My Mother Episode: 0.

My Goddess, My Mother Detail

Drama: My Goddess, My Mother (2024)
Main Stars: Lee Da Hae, Qi Dao, Jin Xing
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episode: 0
Also Known As: 나의 여신, 나의 어머니, 我的思密达女神, 我的女神我的妈, My Goddess, My Mother 2024

My Goddess, My Mother Synopsis and Plot Summary

Korean young girl named Kang Jin Bo, who is an expert who has risen in her majesty and skill. She’s a diligent and respected worker but she’s worried about Korean wedding customs that favor males and would like to have an open and equitable family due to her father’s position as an American favors an American military personnel, and her mother is typical Korean mother, values her daughter more than her own child.

She left her lover in Korea who tried to push her into marriage in order to aid her pursue her dreams and goals to pursue her dreams in China. In the workplace she meets Wu Xiong Xi, a HR director who she was familiar with throughout her time in Korea. The false impressions they had about them are fixed and they are able to fall in love and, before they know it, become engaged. Are hitched.

My Goddess, My Mother Cast

Jia Jing Hui as Mao Ya Ping

Ni Da Hong as Wu Yan Pu

Zhang Xi Lin as Huang Li Ming

Jung Gyu Woon as Zheng Xu Dong

Vicki Dong as An Ran

Hwang Saem as Park Jae Hee

Liu Xiao Xiao as Wu Yi Jie

Lee Da Hae as Kang Jin Bo

Qi Dao as Wu Zhong Zhi

Jin Xing as Xu Man Li

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