Mulan Renewal (2021)

Overall: Mulan Renewal is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2021). Mulan Renewal cast: Wang Chu Ran, Liu Yi Chang. Mulan Renewal Release Date: 2021. Mulan Renewal Episodes: 36.

Mulan Renewal Detail

Drama: Mulan Renewal (2021)
Director: Hsu Fu Chun
Main Stars: Wang Chu Ran, Liu Yi Chang
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 2021
Also Known As: Mu Lan Wu Zhang Xiong , 木蘭無長兄, 木兰无长兄, Mulan Renewal 2021

Mulan Renewal Synopsis and Plot Summary

After Mu Lan gets back, she is excluded because of both prejudice and sexism. She begins her life again in the here and now of harmony, and start on an excursion to locate her self-esteem.

During the Northern Wei Dynasty, Hua Mulan, a little youngster from a military family, assumed her older’s dad’s position in military assistance. She believed that since she learned combative techniques since youthful, she would have the option to carry on with a satisfying life in the military.

Anyway she was examined by the knowledge organization Bai Lu, and shipped off the least level group of the Hei Shan Camp. In spite of this, Mulan still drove her friends on a phenomenal way of rising.

From escaping for their lives during a sneak assault by Rouran; camouflaging as artists and sneaking into the Merchants Castle to recuperate their lost clear-cut advantages; and effectively executing the incomparable Rouran General.

However, when she observes her dear companions biting the dust on the war zone, armed force slaves making tumult because of the camp whistle, and meeting her previous companions turned-foes in fight, she realized that the war isn’t the answer for accomplishing harmony.

Subsequent to getting back from war, Mulan utilizes her benefits in return for a very long time of harmony. Mulan then decides to watch the Northern Wei Border, and along with her previous friend in-arms Di Yefei, they lead individuals to revamp their country together.

Mulan Renewal Cast

Wang Chu Ran as Main Role

Liu Yi Chang as Main Role

Mulan Renewal Trailer

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