Mu Xing Zhan Dui (2024)

Mu Xing Zhan Dui is a Chinese Drama (2024). Mu Xing Zhan Dui cast: Alen Fang, Qu Chu Xiao, Yang Han Bo. Mu Xing Zhan Dui Release Date: 2024. Mu Xing Zhan Dui Episodes: 36.

Mu Xing Zhan Dui Detail

Drama: Mu Xing Zhan Dui (2024)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Wang Yi Wei
Genres: Drama
Main Stars: Alen Fang, Qu Chu Xiao, Yang Han Bo
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 36
Also Known As: Hao Yue Dang Kong Zhi Mu Xing Zhan Dui, Hao Yue Dang Kong- Mu Xing Zhan Dui, 皓月当空之牧星战队, 皓月当空—牧星战队, 牧星戰隊, 皓月當空之牧星戰隊, 皓月當空—牧星戰隊, 牧星战队, Mu Xing Zhan Dui 2024

Mu Xing Zhan Dui Synopsis and Plot Summary

In an astronaut camp a few years back, two teenagers Wu Wei and Ying Zi Qi chose to become astronauts. They had an amazing experience.

In the following few days, the second stage of the project came twice in succession as the chief engineer Qin at the middle of control gave directions on the best way to manage more demanding monitoring and control chores.

The 5 talents selected from various places, Wu Wei, Ying Zi Qi, Bai Yan, Miao Xinxian, and Yang Rui to formed a youth commando unit that is part of Central Control Unit known as “the Shepherd Team’, hoping to establish Chinese practices for the next stage of the Haoyue Project.

The tensions among different control groups within organizations and the recurrence of Chief Qin’s illness, and another conflict between ideals and realities.

The most recent researchers who are part of Shepherd Team Shepherd Team Shepherd Team’ face challenges and anxieties.

It Based on the efforts and research throughout the process the concept of the “Chinese ballistic” was designed to be used for moon landings as well as the return section of the Haoyue Phase III project.

Mu Xing Zhan Dui Cast

Alen Fang as Ying Zi Qi

Qu Chu Xiao as Wu Wei

Yang Han Bo as Wu Wei | Young

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