Migratory Birds (2021)

Overall: Migratory Birds is a Chinese Movie (2021). Migratory Birds cast: Heidi Wang, Zhu Huai Xu, Angela Gao. Migratory Birds Release Date: 11 June 2021. Migratory Birds.

Migratory Birds Detail

Movie: Migratory Birds (2021)
Main Stars: Heidi Wang, Zhu Huai Xu, Angela Gao
Genres: Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 11 June 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 11 June 2021
Also Known As: Houniao, 候鸟, Migratory Birds 2021

Migratory Birds Synopsis and Plot Summary

Young female Dan Phi from the nation-state runs away to the developed city. Because she is far from her hometown and running inside the town, she struggles to strive inside the chaotic workplace and gradually forgets approximately the lifestyles of her spouse and children.

One day, she gets news that her mom, Mrs. Phuong Van Chi, turned into severely unwell. Her mom has continually desired to look the ocean but to this point, she has by no means long gone to it. To satisfy her mom’s wish, Dan Phi rents a automobile to take her mom away from Hainan to go to the ocean.

Along the way, mother and daughter revel in all kinds of activities, and the previous misunderstandings begin resolving because the mom and daughter warm to each other. But nearing the destination of the ride, her mom’s situation deteriorates. Dan Phi desires to take her mom to the clinic for treatment, but her mom adamantly refuses.

Migratory Birds Cast

Heidi Wang as Main Role

Zhu Huai Xu as Main Role

Angela Gao as Unknown

Zhang Hai Yan as Unknown

Migratory Birds Trailer

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