Medal of the Republic (2021)

Overall: Medal of the Republic is a Chinese Drama (2021). Medal of the Republic cast: Zhou Xun, Guo Tao, Wang Lei. Medal of the Republic Release Date: 26 September 2021. Medal of the Republic Episodes: 48.

Medal of the Republic Detail

Drama: Medal of the Republic (2021)
Director: Vincent Yang, Yang Yang, Mao Wei Ning, Zheng Xiao Long, Shen Yan, Yan Jian Gang
Writer: Chen Ping, Song Fang Jin, Xu Su, Shen Jie, Wang Xiao Qiang
Main Stars: Zhou Xun, Guo Tao, Wang Lei
Country: China
Genres: Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 26 September 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 26 September 2021-21 October 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 48
Also Known As: Gong Xun , Order of Republic , Model of the Republic , Meritorious service, 功勋, Medal of the Republic 2021

Medal of the Republic Synopsis and Plot Summary

It is an anthology drama approximately the lives of 8 mythical figures in China:

Yu Min: Involvement in national defence and protection from his teens till he reached his middle age.
Shen Jilan: Advocating “identical pay for women and men” and her election to the primary National People’s Congress.
Sun Jiadong: Countless defeats grow to be the place to begin to depict the relentless spirits of the Chinese scientists.
Li Yannian: Heroic feats during the Korean War (recognised in China as the struggle to withstand US aggression and aid Korea.)
Zhang Fuqing: A struggle veteran has long past to live in one of the poorest regions and helped humans out of poverty.
Yuan Longping: Worked tirelessly to provide food and clothing for his motherland and the humans of the arena.
Huang Xuhua: It recounts the difficult method in China’s independent studies and improvement of nuclear submarines.
Tu Youyou: Development of the brand new antimalarial drug artemisinin and solutions some doubts human beings have about the Nobel Prize obtained in 2015.

Medal of the Republic Cast

Zhou Xun as Tu You You
Guo Tao as Zhang Fu Qing
Wang Lei as Li Yan Nian
Rulu Jiang as Shen Ji Lan
Huang Xiao Ming as Yuan Long Ping
Michael Chen as Main Role
Chen Hao as Main Role
Tong Da Wei as Sun Jia Dong
Betty Sun as Main Role
Lei Jia Yin as Yu Min
Sun Qian as Main Role
Ni Ni as Sun Yu Qin
Zuo Xiao Qing as Main Role
Song Jia Lun as Main Role
Chen Bao Guo as Main Role
Xi Mei Juan as Main Role
Huang Zhi Zhong as Yuan Long Ping
Liu Yi Jun as Support Role
Liu Huan as Support Role
Wang Ya Nan as Support Role
Guo Peng as Support Role
Lin Yong Jian as Support Role
Wang Jian Guo as Support Role
Bao Da Zhi as Support Role
Lawrence Wang as Lu Jie
Shi An as Yuan Hong Jin
Shen Tai as Support Role
Sandra Ma as Support Role
Jin Dong as Support Role
Chai Juan Zhe as Teng Gui Qiao
Zhang Ling Xiang as Li Yu Cheng
Liu Ting as Gao Chao Sen
Zhang Song Wen as Li Ting Zhao
Li Zhi Mo as Li Min
Lemon Li as Hai Xia Young
Zhang He as Yan Bao Guo Huang Xu Hua’s friend and “Deep Dive” Soviet translator

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