Love Can’t Be Said (2022)

Overall: Love Can’t Be Said is a Chinese Movie (2022). Love Can’t Be Said cast: Wu Nien Hsuan, Zhou Yi Ran, Carmen Tong. Love Can’t Be Said  Release Date: 22 July 2022. Love Can’t Be Said.

Love Can’t Be Said Detail

Movie: Love Can’t Be Said (2022)
Main Stars: Wu Nien Hsuan, Zhou Yi Ran, Carmen Tong
Genres: Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 22 July 2022
Season: 1
Also Known As: Wo Bu Neng Gao Bai De Li You , 我不能告白的理由 , Yīzhí yīzhí dōu hěn xǐhuān nǐ, 直一直都很喜欢你, Love Can’t Be Said 2022

Love Can’t Be Said Synopsis and Plot Summary

Tong Zhi, a senior lady in the veterinarian branch, has a overwhelm on Gu Bin, a boy inside the agricultural branch from Taipei. She by no means has the courage to confess overtly, as an alternative opting to use letters which have in no way been sent for over four years. As she procedures commencement, an sudden mailing makes Gu Bin misunderstand her intentions, making him assume that she likes his right pal rather. As a end result, her life falls into chaos. It seems that in this story, she is not the most effective one that holds secrets and can’t confess. Can she achieve having her proper feelings heard?

Love Can’t Be Said Cast

Wu Nien Hsuan as Yi Bin

Zhou Yi Ran as Tong Zhi Liao

Carmen Tong as Fang Lu

Weng Chu Han as Zhou Han Xiao

Estelle Wu as Mr. Guo

Xie Zhi Xun as Qin Fei Fei

Geng Jun as Child Dad

Jenny as Cheng Jia Jia

Zhang Xin Yi as Mrs. Long

Yuan Hong as Teacher Ma

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