Lost in the Shadows (2024)

Lost in the Shadows is a Chinese Mystery, Thriller, Drama (2024). Lost in the Shadows cast: Zhang Song Wen, Rong Zi Shan, Cheng Tai Shen. Lost in the Shadows Release Date: 2024. Lost in the Shadows Episodes: 16.

Lost in the Shadows Detail

Drama: Lost in the Shadows (2024)
Network: iQiyi
Main Stars: Zhang Song Wen, Rong Zi Shan, Cheng Tai Shen
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 16
Also Known As: Bei Lao Hu Ji Chi Diao De Shao Nian, 被老虎机吃掉的少年, 看不見影子的少年, 被老虎機吃掉的少年, Kan Bu jian Ying Zi De Shao Nian, 看不见影子的少年, Lost in the Shadows 2024

Lost in the Shadows Synopsis and Plot Summary

Lost in the Shadows an exciting and emotional tale of a “lost orphan” detective, as well as the “identityless” orphan, and his family members, through conflict and redemption. Together, they look for the truth, and look towards the positive side.

A unassuming and determined policeman, an untried man with explosive growth and an unexpected encounter.

The disappearance mystery that is mixed with murder schemes slowly begin to emerge. What is the final outcome?

Is it going to be peaceful or a storm? they working towards settling the dispute or is the forgiveness is not sufficient? acts of violence could be short, but forgetfulness can last far too long.

Prior to the time when rainbows appeared, it was the unsolvable history of two fathers who refused to quit and three families devastated and looking for a solution.

Lost in the Shadows Cast

Zhang Song Wen as Wang Shi Tu

Rong Zi Shan as Main Role

Cheng Tai Shen as Main Role

Chen Yu Si as Main Role

Li Jian as Main Role

Guo Ke Yu as Support Role

Zhao Hua Wei as Support Role

Zeng You Zhen as Support Role

Ge Si as Support Role

Wang Pei Lu as Support Role

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