Live Your Life (2021)

Overall: Live Your Life is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2021). Live Your Life cast: Elvira Cai, Lin Yu Shen, Zhou Ting Wei. Live Your Life Release Date: 5 October 2021. Live Your Life Episodes: 40.

Live Your Life Detail

Drama: Live Your Life (2021)
Network: Hunan TV
Director: Chen Ming Zhang, Chen Shi Yi
Main Stars: Elvira Cai, Lin Yu Shen, Zhou Ting Wei
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 5 October 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 5 October 2021-26 October 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Hao Hao Sheng Huo, 好好生活, Live Your Life 2021

Live Your Life Synopsis and Plot Summary

Wu You and He Xiya were pitting their wits and will in opposition to every different for goodbye simplest to realize that they have become a bickering couple. Wu You discovers that He Xiya was the man who stored her life when she had gotten right into a vehicle twist of fate. The amorous Su Fei is a blogger whose attempted and examined strategies in coping with emotional affairs gathered her a huge following. In truth, she has 0 enjoy whilst it comes to love. Lucky for her, there may be always this heat and dependable man round even if her credibility became being puzzled.

Lu Man has vowed to live celibate as she believes that marriage will simplest deliver trouble. However, she can’t assist but sense drawn to Lin Qing. Meanwhile, Qian Jiayi is a powerful lady within the corporate global. She surprised every person while she all of sudden were given married. Nonetheless, things did not exercise session with her husband due to differences in values and that they sooner or later separated. When she meets a person who’s headstrong and succesful just like her, what type of chemistry will it bring? Along the manner, the four women support each different and grow collectively in their careers and in love. They come to an know-how that as long as you live properly, happiness will not be a ways away.

Live Your Life Cast

Lin Yu Shen as He Xi Ya
Elvira Cai as Wu You
Zhou Ting Wei as Lin Qing
Tu Bing as Lu Man
Jiang Yan as Su Fei
Jane Cheng as Qian Jia Yi
Li Jia Xin as Support Role
Gavin Xie as Lin Yue Da
Zhang Hao Lun as Xiong Xing Yi
Zhang Qing Qing as Liang Kuai
Xu Ling Chen as He Xiao Yu
Ren Yu as Qiu Ming Yu
William Li as Wang Zi Hao
Cheng Yong as Mo Chou Wu
Hu Qing Yun as Xu Ai Ling
Yao An Lian as He Mu Ze
Cai Gang as Lu Xiang Rui
Rong Rong as Lu Mu
Zong Xiao Jun as President Fan
Sun Yu Han as Xiu Xiu
Cheng Zi Ning as Xia Jiang
Gong Fang Ni as Fang Yuan
Meng Wang as Mr X
Chen Meng Qin as Dou Dou
Zhan Jing Yi as Lu Yun
Xu Yu Lan as Jiang Tao
Wu Ming Jing as Huang Chu Chu
Cao Yu Cheng as Xia Ping
He Bin as Sun Hao
Hao Shuang as Mrs X
Peng Bo as Angie
Lu Sen Bao as Boss Huang
Zhao Wen Ming as Sun Dong
Zhou Xiao Hai as Uncle Gu
Zheng Xiao Zhong as Uncle Zheng
Zhou Yi Tao as Xiao Huang
Shi Qiang as Mr Wen
Su Xin as He Mu
Li You Xi as Support Role
Kong Xiang Fu as Young Hé Xī Yǎ

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