Liu Gong An (2021)

Overall: Liu Gong An is a Chinese Drama (2021). Liu Gong An cast: He Bing, Michelle Bai, Rain Wang. Liu Gong An Release Date: 2021. Liu Gong An Episode: 60.

Liu Gong An Detail

Drama: Liu Gong An (2021)
Network: CCTV
Main Stars: He Bing, Michelle Bai, Rain Wang
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2021
Season: 1
Aired: 2021
Also Known As: Liu Gong An Zhi Liu Yong Xia Dong Shan, 刘公案之刘墉下山东, Liu Gong An 2021

Liu Gong An Synopsis and Plot Summary

The tale of Liu Yong, a dependable official, who heads to Shan Dong to front-side the circumstance of the spot and residents, and report back to the Emperor.

Liu Gong An Cast

He Bing as Liu Yong
Michelle Bai as Jin Wan’er
Rain Wang as Qiu Mengnan
Li Nai Wen as Fu Guotai
Cao Alvin as He Kun
Huang Hai Bing as Qianlong Emperor
Wang Yu Zheng as Support Role
Lu Hong as Support Role
Zhang Yun as Tang Shi
Rain Zhang as a Support Role

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