Let’s Write Love Story (2021)

Overall: Let’s Write Love Story is a Chinese Fantasy, Movie (2021). Let’s Write Love Story cast: Bridgette Qiao, Timmy Xu. Let’s Write Love Story Release Date: 21 October 2021. Let’s Write Love Story.

Let’s Write Love Story Detail

Movie: Let’s Write Love Story (2021)
Writer: Timmy Xu, Bridgette Qiao
Main Stars: Bridgette Qiao, Timmy Xu
Country: China
Genres: Fantasy, Movie
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 21 October 2021
Season: 1
Also Known As: Let’s Write Love! , Wo Men Shu Xie Ai Qing Ba , 我們書寫愛情吧, 我们书写爱情吧, Let’s Write Love Story 2021

Let’s Write Love Story Synopsis and Plot Summary

It especially tells a love tale about a stimulated creator, Xu De Zhi who for the first time could be writing a love story. Due to the loss of reviews, he had no concept of how to write his story, then he starts his tale about a sassy girl named Qiao Duo Duo who falls in love with a normal man. One day, a female got here to his house and forced Xu De Zhi to permit her to stay in his house. Unexpectedly, the female is Qiao Duo Duo who is the girl lead of his tale. After some days they had been collective, both of them had regularly fallen in love with each different without understanding it.

Let’s Write Love Story Cast

Bridgette Qiao as Qiao Duo Duo

Timmy Xu as Xu De Zhi

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