Lan Zhou Yin (2023)

Lan Zhou Yin is a Chinese Mystery, Romance, Drama (2023). Lan Zhou Yin cast: Wu Jin Yan, Wang Xing Yue, Chen Xin Hai. Lan Zhou Yin Release Date: 2023. Lan Zhou Yin Episodes: 20.

Lan Zhou Yin Detail

Drama: Lan Zhou Yin (2023)
Main Stars: Wu Jin Yan, Wang Xing Yue, Chen Xin Hai
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 20
Also Known As: Jiang Jin Jiu, Jeung Jeun Jau, 將進酒, 将进酒, Qiang Jin Jiu, 兰舟引, Lan Zhou Yin 2023

Lan Zhou Yin Synopsis and Plot Summary

Shen Zechuan is taken in custody by the authorities in the capital. He was reduced to “a drowning hound, despised and condemned” by all. Xiao Chiye climbed over the fence after he spotted the fury.

Who would think that an invalid would spit on him and saturate him with blood as a counterattack.

The two men began a bitter feud that continues to this day. They fight with each other when they meet face-to-face. “Fate wants to tie me down here for my entire life, but it’s not the path that I choose.

The yellow powder buried my brothers. I am not willing to accept an illusory destiny.

The imperial edict and imperial court could not save me, nor could they feed my horses. I will no longer sacrifice my life in this cause. I want the mountain to fall. “I’m going to fight on my own behalf.”

Lan Zhou Yin Cast

Wu Jin Yan as Jiang Li

Wang Xing Yue as Ji Heng

Chen Xin Hai as Support Role

Liu Xie Ning as Support Role

Snow Kong as Support Role

Jiang Yi Yi as Support Role

Ai Mi as Support Role

Zhang Yu Qi as Support Role

Kent Tong as Support Role

Su Ke as Support Role

Vivien Li as Support Role

Yang Chao Yue as Support Role

Joe Chen as Support Role

Wen Zheng Rong as Support Role

Gala Zhang as Support Role

Zhao Jia Min as Support Role

Roy Wang as Support Role

Yu Cheng En as Support Role

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