Kun Lun (2024)

Kun Lun is a Chinese Thriller, Drama (2024). Kun Lun cast: Wang Chu Ran, Zhao Hua Wei, AJ Donnelly. Kun Lun Release Date: 2024. Kun Lun Episodes: 50. Hong Ye is a virtuoso his motivations start from the dream domain.

Kun Lun Detail

Drama: Kun Lun (2024)
Director: Lu Hao Ji Ji
Main Stars: Wang Chu Ran, Zhao Hua Wei, AJ Donnelly
Genres: Thriller, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 50
Also Known As: Kun Lun Gui, 昆仑归, Kun Lun 2024

Kun Lun Synopsis and Plot Summary

Hongchuan, just nine years of age, has a virtuoso funny and most of his motivation originates from his dreams. Hongchuan has an astounding presentation in his fantasies and has made a trip to various dark areas.

A matured 18 Lingkong is a young lady. Her power comes from a secretive chip what is integrated into her constitution. It is fit for captivating and grant you to disappear and be a piece of others’ dreams.

Hongchuan’s fantasies helped the reasonable group of the venture in the country that was under an area of shadows Lingkong to dispose of “outcast remnants”, and Lingkong’s superpowers were additionally actuated. various capacities that were cleared overall around the collection of Hongchuan.

Two wellsprings of force from 30 light years away were brought to Earth and a tempest of jumpy fears as well as odd conditions resulted.

In the conflict against the ethically bad and strong, the Hongchuans and Lingkong were in peril commonly, yet their darlings were battling to guard them from risk. The last fight was battled at the Kunlun Mountains both the great and evil battled to win their prizes and the genuine story behind the Hongchuan’s story was uncovered.

Hongchuan turned into an intergalactic crossover breed which can join blood of Earth and blood of individuals that are not initially from Earth. Eventually, Hongchuan at last acknowledged his situation to the higher domains of the outcasts. Then, at that point, he got back to Earth and continued normal daily practice.

Kun Lun Cast

AJ Donnelly as Fremont

Winston Chao as Bu Ke

Vincent Zhao as Bu Ke

Wang Chu Ran as Ling Kong

Xu Zhen Xuan as Xiao Lang

Steven Dasz as Boxing coach

Zhao Hua Wei as Hong Ye

Yuri Khlystov as Booker’s assistant

Thomas Fiquet as Dr. Charlson | American Research Scientist

Rain Li as Ling Jing Wei

Yu Qian Qian as Ling Kong | Young

Zhu Yong Teng as Liang Meng Tian

Zhang Yu Ting as Liu Xing

Zheng Xiao Dong as Lin Jia Yao

Anderson Cheng as Tai Zi

Qi Dao as Niu Qing

Wu Nien Hsuan as Yang Cheng

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