Justice in the Dark (2023)

Overall: Justice in the Dark is a Chinese Action, Mystery, Drama (2023). Justice in the Dark cast: Huang Lu, Zhao Shu Zhen, Jiang Xiao Han. Justice in the Dark Release Date: 18 February 2023. Justice in the Dark Episodes: 30.

Justice in the Dark Detail

Drama: Justice in the Dark (2023)
Network: Youku
Director: Qiu Zhong Wei
Writer: Li Lin
Main Stars: Zhang Xin Cheng,Fu Xin Bo,Zhao Zhi Wei
Genres: Action, Mystery, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 18 February 2023
Season: 1
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 30
Also Known As: Mo Du , Silent Reading , The Light in the Night , 默读 , Shen Yuan , Light the Darkness , 默讀 , 深渊 , Guang Yuan , The Abyss , 光渊, 光·渊, Justice in the Dark 2023

Justice in the Dark Synopsis and Plot Summary

Adolescence, childhood, family foundation, social relations, horrible encounters.

We continue looking into and searching out the intentions of hoodlums, investigating the subtlest feelings driving them. It’s not to imagine their perspective and identify, or even excuse them; it’s not to discover a few motivations to exonerate their wrongdoings; it’s not to stoop down before the supposed “intricacy of human instinct”; nor to introspect social contentions, considerably less to distance ourselves into beasts. We simply need to have a fair preliminary – for us and for the people who actually have trust for the world.

Justice in the Dark Cast

Zhang Xin Cheng as Pei Shu

Fu Xin Bo as Luo Wei Zhao

Zhao Zhi Wei as Xiao Han Yang

Liu Yi Hang as Tao Ze

Xiao Yu as Lan Qiao

Jeremy Zuo as Wei Wen Xuan

Zhang Wan Fang as Liang Yu Jin

Zhang Xin Yi as Yang Xi

Jia Wei Geng as Xiao Wu

Long Zheng Xuan as Tang Ning

Zheng Yu as Fan Si Yuan

Ma Yue as Zhang Zhao Jin

Xue Jia Ning as Shi Nan

Chai Wei as Su Ruo Wan

Yu Bo as Pei Cheng Yu

Gao Zi Feng as Guo Shi Nan

Ding Hai Feng as Du Yu Liang

Du Zhi Guo as Luo Cheng

Chinnell Wen as Zou Feng

Xu Rong Zhen as Mu Xiao Qing

Pang Han Chen as Zhou Hong Chuan

Jiang Long as Zhang Dong Lan

Zhao Qian Zi as Wang Xiu Juan

Li Bo Wen as Xu Dong Yu

Xu Ling Chen as He Zong Yi

Jiang Wei as Zhou Huai Jing

Su Xun Lun as Zhou Huai Xing

Hou Pei Shan as Dong Xiao Qing

Feng Bing as Du Guo Sheng

Ren Qing Na Mu as Xia Xi Nan

Zhou Ling as Fu Jia Hui

Qiao Xin Feng as Yang Zheng Feng

Ren Fei Er as Zhang Yu Chen

Gao Hong Liang as Cui Hong Liang

Guo Hao Lun as Huo Xiao

Liu Bo as Lin Ming / Lin Tao

Wang Gang as Wei Zhan Hong

Zhang Di as Hu Xue Chun

John Wu as Yang Bo

Liu Bei Ge as Wu Zheng Yu

Will Gu as Yi Zhi Yan

Eve Lu as Zhang Ying

Qi Ling as Kong Wei Cheng

Hu Hong Yu as Miao Xiao Wei

Lily Wang as Wei Wei

Wang Yi Xiao as Pei Shu’s assistant

Zhang Jing Jing as Zhou Xin / Mu Yang Quan

Zhang Zi Lin as Chen Yuan

Qu Gang as Pei Shu’s grandfather

Liu Ren He as Zhang Yi Fan

Xu Wai Luo as Xiao Han Yang Young

Steven Shi as Xu Dong Yu Young

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