Journey to the North (2022)

Overall: Journey to the North is a Chinese Fantasy, Movie (2022). Journey to the North cast: Merxat, Lai Yu Meng, Xiao Xiang Fei. Journey to the North Release Date: 29 July 2022. Journey to the North.

Journey to the North Detail

Movie: Journey to the North (2022)
Director: Mai Guan Zhi
Main Stars: Merxat, Lai Yu Meng, Xiao Xiang Fei
Country: China
Genres: Fantasy, Movie
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 29 July 2022
Season: 1
Also Known As: 北游记之仙魂下凡, Journey to the North 2022

Journey to the North Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story starts with the resurrection of two undying spirits of the Sublime Ruler, one noble and one insidious The torment of soul nails. Tricks and interests followed, driving the two spirits to kill one another. The legendary monster took the yellow sundown to turn into a brilliant young lady to draw the lord of war, kill the divine force of battle for Yun Huang, and remove the jade heart of his sweetheart’s life span.

The affection entrapment of the three is oppressive and extraordinary, and it likewise includes an adoration connection between the ruler of paradise and the monster Chenghuang quite a while back. The mark of the hidden world has been lifted, the evil spirit fighters have come to the world, and the spirits have been cleared out. What is the mysterious behind the limbo? Could the twin spirits of the Glorious Sovereign at any point get back to their place after every one of the disasters?

Journey to the North Cast

Merxat as Chang Sheng

Lai Yu Meng as Xing Xue

Xiao Xiang Fei as Yun Huang

Wu Mo Tong as Li Xiang Niang

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