Johnny Keep Walking! (2023)

Johnny Keep Walking! is a Chinese Comedy, Movie (2023). Johnny Keep Walking! cast: Da Peng, Bai Ke, Sabrina Zhuang. Johnny Keep Walking! Release Date: 29 December 2023.

Johnny Keep Walking! Detail

Movie: Johnny Keep Walking! (2023)
Director: Dong Run Nian
Writer: Dong Run Nian
Main Stars: Da Peng, Bai Ke, Sabrina Zhuang
Genres: Comedy, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 29 December 2023
Season: 1
Also Known As: The Annual Meeting Cannot Stop!, Nian Hui Bu Neng Ting!, 年會不能停!, 年会不能停!, Johnny Keep Walking! 2023

Johnny Keep Walking! Synopsis and Plot Summary

The Fitter Hu Jianlin played by Dapeng was moved to the headquarters after an accident.

The group was laid off employees, Ma, the human resources manager Jie played by Bai Ke was involved in the “wrong transfer” incident was forced into keeping things hidden in order to protect his position from “factory” to “big factory” which translates to “blue collar” to “gold collar”.

Hu Jianlin’s life is full humor because he’s not compatible with the surroundings of the factory.

It’s also like it’s a “workplace demon mirror” that reflect the faces of all living creatures at work.

What makes Hu Jianlin capable of gaining promotions and raises every step of his way to be able to take on large companies in a period of layoffs?

Can Ma Jie withstand her “wrong adjustment” incident? What shocking fact is hiding behind this bizarre “mistune”.

Johnny Keep Walking! Cast

Da Peng as Hu Jian Lin

Bai Ke as Ma Jie

Sabrina Zhuang as Pan Yi Ran

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