Immortal of Mr. Gong (2020)

Overall: Immortal of Mr. Gong is a Chinese Movie (2020). Immortal of Mr. Gong cast: Aaron Yan, Lai Yu Meng, Jia Zheng Yu. Immortal of Mr. Gong Release Date: 20 November 2020. Immortal of Mr. Gong.

Immortal of Mr. Gong Detail

Movie: Immortal of Mr. Gong (2020)
Main Stars: Aaron Yan, Lai Yu Meng, Jia Zheng Yu
Genres: Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 20 November 2020
Season: 1
Aired: 20 November 2020
Also Known As: Gong Xian, 巩仙, Immortal of Mr. Gong 2020

Immortal of Mr. Gong Synopsis and Plot Summary

It tells the tale of the emotional complications and electricity struggles among Gong Rong, Lang Ling and Qi Lu.

It is said that the Gong extended family possesses a mythical black gown that permits the wearer to turn out to be immortal. King Lu who has set his points of interest on taking the robe for himself leads his troops to annihilate the Gong clan. Gong Rong who is the sole survivor of his clan tries to avenge them via killing King Lu. He runs into King Lu’s youth sweetheart Lang Ling and they broaden feelings for every different.

King Lu has spies unfold throughout the land. After being hunted down by using King Lu’s guys, Gong Rong is going lacking. One year later, Princesss Lang Ling is forced to marry King Lu. At a birthday dinner party that King Lu prepared for Lang Ling, a magician who seems to be Gong Rong unexpectedly appears.

Immortal of Mr. Gong Cast

Aaron Yan as Gong Rong

Lai Yu Meng as Lang Ling

Jia Zheng Yu as Jia Zheng Yu

Wang Xin as ‘Patriarch’

Hu Yuan Song as Bai Xing Jia

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