If We Were Lucky (2023)

If We Were Lucky is a Chinese Romance, Movie (2023). If We Were Lucky cast: Zhang Kai Tai, Xu Ruo Han, Ming Dao. If We Were Lucky Release Date: 9 September 2023.

If We Were Lucky Detail

Movie: If We Were Lucky (2023)
Main Stars: Zhang Kai Tai, Xu Ruo Han, Ming Dao
Genres: Romance, Movie
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 9 September 2023
Season: 1
Also Known As: He She Honey, Ta Ta Mi, 她他蜜, 可惜我们没如果, She His Honey,要走散好不好,If We Were Lucky 2023

If We Were Lucky Synopsis and Plot Summary

Xia Mo was born into an unmarried family. Her father’s death has led to anxiety, and her and Chu Qiu decided to remain good friends for a all of life.

Xia Mo always treats Chu Qiu as an male best friend to enjoy friendship.

She depends on Chu Qiu a lot to keep her in line and he in turn looked after her and was there to accompany her as his routine.

Our appearance as Wei Si Cong shattered the peace and caused Chu Qiu fall in love, but she was turned down.

That Xia Mo starts to realize the disappearance of her husband and longs for him every day until they finally met on the day of their wedding.

If We Were Lucky Cast

Zhang Kai Tai as Chu Qiu

Xu Ruo Han as Main Role

Ming Dao as Support Role

Clara Lee as Man Ni

Roi as Zhang Tian Hao

Xu Jun Cong as Support Role

Li Chun Lee as Grandpa Chu Qiu

Liang Chao as Uncle Peng

Huang Qi Lin’er as Xia Mo | Young

Liu Nian as Feng Li Shang

Fan Ming as Boss Shi

Niu Li as Zhou Ai Fang

Sun Zi Jun as Yang Xiao Li

Liu Jin Long as Lao Huang

Zhao Yi Xiao as Cheng Yuan

Li Yuan Yuan as Editor Mo

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