How I Married Hua Mulan (2024)

How I Married Hua Mulan is a Chinese Comedy, Drama (2024). How I Married Hua Mulan cast: Xi Wang, Gong Han Lin, Li Wei Jian. How I Married Hua Mulan Release Date: 25 January 2024. How I Married Hua Mulan Episodes: 40.

How I Married Hua Mulan Detail

Drama: How I Married Hua Mulan (2024)
Network: LeTV
Director: Gong Han Lin
Writer: Gong Han Lin
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Main Stars: Xi Wang, Gong Han Lin, Li Wei Jian
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 25 January 2024
Season: 1
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Wo Jia Qu Le Hua Mu Lan, 我家娶了花木蘭, 我家娶了花木兰, How I Married Hua Mulan 2024

How I Married Hua Mulan Synopsis and Plot Summary

Since the reforms and opening, youth employment is one of the most important issues for people’s livelihood in our country.

HaoXin, a male protagonist in the movie, is an example of a typical overseas foreigner.

He is a “high-class” man. But he did not want become “a chewing old man”. He was one of the most inspiring young men amongst the wealthy second generation.

The national enterprise was under threat when he began his own business. To save it, he gave his “ego” up and took orders. This made him a fighter, in the battle of business.

The heroine Jin Yingjie has a good education, is beautiful and comes from a low-income family. She is a “noble woman”.

She suffered repeated injuries due to harsh conditions placed by certain employers regarding the unequal position of women and men during the recruitment process.

In order to get the job, she disguised herself to look like a man.

Hao, the general director of Good Luck Clothing Co., Ltd., had asked her to be his “male” secretariat.

Jin Yingjie fought along side Hao Xin. She also played “Mulan”, a beautiful woman, to save Hao, saving him from danger.

Hao Xin, Hao Xin’s wife, welcomed her “Mulan style” daughter-inlaw Jin Yingjie after breaking the family rule.

The play explores the growth and development of private enterprise in China during the reform and opening-up decades. It describes the career journey of young people, their employment, and their entrepreneurship.

How I Married Hua Mulan Cast

Xi Wang as Main Role

Gong Han Lin as Main Role

Li Wei Jian as Wang De Cai

Bai Kai Nan as Li Xiao Kui

Liu Hui as Yan Ku Ren

Li Jing as Manager Zhang

Hou Zhen Peng as Shareholder Liu

He Wei as Assistant director

Pan Chang Jiang as Support Role

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