Hold My Hand (2022)

Overall: Hold My Hand is a Chinese Drama (2022). Hold My Hand cast: Gao Xi Xi. Hold My Hand Release Date: 2022. Hold My Hand Episodes: 40.

Hold My Hand Detail

Drama: Hold My Hand (2022)
Director: Gao Xi Xi
Main Stars: Gao Xi Xi
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2022
Season: 1
Aired: 2022
Also Known As: Wo Zhu Wo De Shou, 握住我的手, Hold My Hand 2022

Hold My Hand Synopsis and Plot Summary

Obstetrics and gynecology health practitioner Qi Qin of Huazhou Hospital encountered amniotic fluid embolism in the mother Xinyue at the airport. She changed into sent returned to the medical institution for successful remedy, however she changed into accused by using the patient’s circle of relatives. With the help of her husband Ji Changan, a settlement was reached. Xu Ling, who’s newly admitted to the sanatorium, has a exquisite degree of commercial enterprise and has shaped a healthy competition with Qi Qin. Together with director Xiao Lanqing, doctor Liu Yadong and others, they successively received sufferers which include infertile Fan Xiaohuan, cancer mom Song Huanian, Ningxia with uterine hypoplasia, and well-known host Luo Xin. They relieved their physical ache and gave them spiritual comfort. Soothing, medical doctors and sufferers turn out to be buddies. At the same time, Qi Qin and Xu Ling encountered a own family disaster. They by chance found that every different turned into organic sisters. Qi Qin’s mom turned into no longer the organic mom, and the respected teacher became the biological father…Finally, her adoptive mother and husband helped her dispel the mental haze and begin a satisfied lifestyles. When the epidemic broke out, Xu Ling was inflamed, and Qi Qin signed up to help the front line.

Hold My Hand Cast

Gao Xi Xi as Director

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