Here We Meet Again (2023)

Overall: Here We Meet Again is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2023). Here We Meet Again cast: Janice Wu, Vin Zhang, Miffy Shi. Here We Meet Again Release Date: 22 May 2023. Here We Meet Again Episodes: 32.

Here We Meet Again Detail

Drama: Here We Meet Again (2023)
Network: Tencent Video
Director: Tien Jen Huang
Main Stars: Janice Wu, Vin Zhang, Miffy Shi
Country: China
Genres: Romance, Drama
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 22 May 2023
Season: 1
Aired: 22 May 2023-6 June 2023
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Episodes: 32
Also Known As: San Fen Ye, 三分野, Here We Meet Again 2023

Here We Meet Again Synopsis and Plot Summary

The oldest miss of Donghe bunch, is entrusted with saving their Xi’an branch from insolvency. She meets her previous crush Xu Yan Shi indeed.

In their school days, Xiang Yuan sought after Xu Yan Shi energetically without much of any result. Rejoined as grown-ups, she is attempting to save an organization while he is somewhere down in the mud because of issues in the working environment.

Not set in stone to seek after his fantasy to turn into a route engineer. During the time spent managing the organization emergency, Xiang Yuan bit by bit figures out how to assume control over issues. The two come to help each other as they understand their fantasies.

Here We Meet Again Cast

Janice Wu as Xiang Yuan

Vin Zhang as Xu Yan Shi

Miffy Shi as Ying Yin Yin

Liu Yu Ting as Lin Qing Qing

Hao Yi Lin as Support Role

Huang De Yi as Gao Leng

Nita Xia as Chen Shu

Li Chun Lee as Si Tu Ming Tian

Li Yi Xiao as Li Qin

Liang Da Wei as Lu Dong

Zhang Xi Lin as Li Yong Biao

Shi Jing Ming as Liang Qin

Lu Yu Hao as Xu Cheng Li

Fu Jia as Li Chi

Liya Cui as Xu Yuan

Lauren Tong as Xiang Jia Yuan

Hao Ming Qi as Lao Gui

Gao Sen as Bi Yun Tao

Liao Xue Qiu as Xiang Yuan’s grandmother

Zhu Ling Wu as Ye Si Qing

Isabella as Wang Zheng Qi

Li Yuan Yuan as Chen Shan

Chen Si Yu as Feng Jun

Guo Kai Min as Liang Qin

Hou Xiao Tong as Xiao Xiao

Liu Ya Jin as Zhao Qian

Hao Ping as Yang Ping Shan

Ju Hao as Gu Yan

Li Chuan Ying as Huang Qi Ming

Liu Pi Zhong as Xu Ming Qi

Zhang Tian Yang as Zhou Yu Chen

Xia Zhi Qing as Liang Liang

Gao Sheng Hao as Karma

Chen Xu Ming as Gu Chang Sheng

Pan Xing Yuan as Di Lang

Terma Tong as Xu Yan Shi’s mother

Zhou Jie as Lu Dong’s superior

Liu Wei Ting as Lin Qing Qing

Chen Huan as Huang Qi | Huang Qi Ming’s son

Hou Rui Xiang as Wang Qing Yi | “Lao Qing”

Other Cast

Ye Kai Wen as Feng Jun | Young

Hao Yi Lin as Xiang Yuan | Teen

Cheng Zi Xia as Xiang Yuan | Young

Bian Cheng as Xu Yan Shi | Teen

Zhao Zuo as Yi Shi | Xu Yuan’s boyfriend and husband

Zhang Ling Yi as Jiang Xiao Man

Zhang Da Lei as Li Yang

Zhang Da Bao as Mr. Li | Soaring Flight Rep

Chen Qian Hua as Xu Yuan \ Young

Shi Yan Wen as Xiang Yuan’s mother

Lu Zheng as Guest Role

Ren Luo Min as Guest Role

Wu Ren Yuan as Guest Role

Here We Meet Again Trailer

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