Her Smile So Sweet (2020)

Overall: Her Smile So Sweet is a Chinese Romance, Drama (2020). Her Smile So Sweet cast: Chen Si Yu, Lynn Zhou, Xu Hao. Her Smile So Sweet Release Date: 22 October 2020. Her Smile So Sweet Episodes: 24.

Her Smile So Sweet Detail

Drama: Her Smile So Sweet (2020)
Network: Youku
Main Stars: Chen Si Yu, Lynn Zhou, Xu Hao
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 22 October 2020
Season: 1
Aired: 22 October 2020
Also Known As: Ta De Wei Xiao Xiang Ke Tang, 她的微笑像颗糖, Her Smile So Sweet 2020

Her Smile So Sweet Synopsis and Plot Summary

Xu JingShu of second-year class 1 is a chilly individual who doesn’t gab, and if not for the instructor continually sending her out of math class as a discipline, she should be undetectable. That is until the student from another school Chu YouNing appears. He’s pulled in to her treats sweet grin, so on specific evenings, one could see the divine force of examining, Chu YouNing in the higher up free examination room instructing math to Xu JingShu.

Her Smile So Sweet Cast

Chen Si Yu as Xu Jing Zhu

Lynn Zhou as Liu Mei Qi

Xu Hao as Su Mu Yuan

Zhu Yi Wei as An Sheng Ming

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