Happiness Jun Cao (2024)

Happiness Jun Cao is a Chinese Drama (2024). Happiness Jun Cao cast: Guo Tao, Chuo Ni, Zhang Chao. Happiness Jun Cao Release Date: 2024. Happiness Jun Cao Episodes: 40.

Happiness Jun Cao Detail

Drama: Happiness Jun Cao (2024)
Main Stars: Guo Tao, Chuo Ni, Zhang Chao
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: Xing Fu Cao, Happiness Juncao, 幸福草, Happiness Jun Cao 2024

Happiness Jun Cao Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story about Li Changhuan’s team traveling overseas to cultivate Juncao. Due to the different cultures in a different country there were many humorous jokes at work and in daily lives. In the same way the diverse conditions of the earth and inadequate infrastructure also made the promotion of Juncao technology confront numerous “difficulties”.

In order to help Juncao grow in the local community Li Changhuan’s group overcame many challenges, built mushroom sheds as well as other production facilities, inventing dry rice technology and also helped the locals gain access to prosperity.

Happiness Jun Cao Cast

Zhang Chao as Zhao Qi Feng

Han Dong as Zheng Wei Long

Liu Ting Zuo as Li Chun Hua

Liang Ai Qi as Chen Xiao Lian

Meng A Sai as Li Han

Zheng He Hui Zi as Li Qian Ping

Chuo Ni as Li Zhi Wei

Guo Tao as Li Chang Huan

Wang Sha Sha as Support Role

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