Guo Bao Yao Shi (2024)

Guo Bao Yao Shi is a Chinese Drama (2024). Guo Bao Yao Shi cast: Bai Yu Fan, Rain Wang, Fu Da Long. Guo Bao Yao Shi Release Date: 2024. Guo Bao Yao Shi Episodes: 40.

Guo Bao Yao Shi Detail

Drama: Guo Bao Yao Shi (2024)
Network: iQiyi
Director: Hui Kai Dong
Writer: Zhang Chan Juan
Main Stars: Bai Yu Fan, Rain Wang, Fu Da Long
Genres: Drama
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Release Date: 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 40
Also Known As: 國寶耀世, 国宝耀世, Guo Bao Yao Shi 2024

Guo Bao Yao Shi Synopsis and Plot Summary

Fang Kun is an alumni understudy in the Division of Paleohistory at Qinchuan College, aided the quest for social relics lost abroad and found that an obscure burial place in Yin Town, Bailuyuan, may be the sepulcher of Head Taizong of the Han Tradition.

His coach Zan Maochang took him to Bailuyuan for field examination, yet he incidentally lost his life. Fang Kun took his tutor’s desire and elected to go to Yusai to direct Extraordinary Wall archaic exploration.

The obscure burial place in Yin Town, Bailuyuan, pulled in the consideration of the archeological group. Fang Kun was welcome to take part in the examination, and rejoined with his previous sweetheart Luo Qing, who had turned into the archeological group pioneer, and found the “sub-molded” antiquated burial chamber.

Fang Kun emphasized his hypotheses at that point, which stimulated discussion and concern, and furthermore stirred the avarice of social artifact hoodlums.

Fang Kun, Luo Qing and cop Qi Dacang coordinated the majority to partake in the assurance of social relics, combat brains and mental fortitude with hoodlums, and successfully safeguarded the Yincun Burial place in Bailuyuan and the encompassing landmarks.

The sepulcher of Ruler Taizong of the Han Tradition turned into a significant archeological revelation.

Guo Bao Yao Shi Cast

Bai Yu Fan as Fang Kun

Rain Wang as Luo Qing

Vicky Wang as He Xiao Feng

Fu Da Long as Main Role

Liu Yi Tong as Support Role

Cao Lei as Support Role

Zhao Qian Zi as Support Role

You Yong as Support Role

Li Hong Liang as Support Role

Liu Kai as Support Role

Wang Sha Sha as Support Role

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